Claire 4 months

Claire 4 months

Weight – 13 pounds 3 ounces (27%)
Height – 25 inches (73%)
Head – 41 cm (62%)

This has been such a fun + special month with Claire babe. I love this four month stage, and it’s been so sweet to see her cute personality blooming right around the holidays. She’s making everything more magical :)

I love every interaction I have with her  – even when she’s fussy she has such a sweetness I can’t explain. I’m always smiling and feeling calm with her! She so has her own little spirit and personality that I’m excited to watch form more and more.

Chase made the comment that she is 1/3 of a year now, which is insane to think of it that way! It’s hard to believe she’s 4 months, but at the same time she has fit so seamlessly into our family and we can’t remember life without her. She and Rea are both in such darling stages and we love these girls!

This month Claire has..
– been smiling nonstop, at anyone and everyone who glances her way
– also smiles so big when unswaddled in the morning, when she hears music, and when she sees her big sister.
– regressed a little bit with sleep, as can happen at 4 months!
– started to grasp and hold things well
– gotten more distracted while nursing..need to keep her weight up since she is a little bit behind on it right now!
– started to try rolling, especially if we are holding her hand- she’ll use it to pull up.
– made the best cooing, squeaking and babbling sounds. reagan always asks, “what’s claire saying?!” haha
– speaking of holding her hand, she loves loves loves holding any of our hands so tight and doesn’t want to let go! heart melting :)
– started to nap on her side with her ankles crossed
– been an absolute love!


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