October 2018 recap

October 2018 recap

October! Always the best. Always packed. Always festive. Always fun!
We had a busy month trying to buy a home out here in the Bay (it fell through, ha)
which took up some of the month with stress and unknowns!! It threw us off a little bit just
to think this change was happening and have it not work out, but luckily we know the right
things happen with big things like buying a home…especially out here in the crazy Bay.
It was a learning experience and we’ll keep looking! We also went on a fun Florida trip to
Disney World…the first time for our girls and it was magical! The rest of the month was
full of fall and food and football and Chase having lots of business travel…but we survived!
Pretty leaves and skies all month long ^^
Soup potluck night at the park with friends … lots of different yummy soups + breads!
Winning salad combo by my friend Steph, and cutest kiddos picnicking at the park ^^
I tried some new bread flavors, including rosemary garlic which was the prettiest!
Spaghetti squash noodles happening all. the. time. over here.
^^ That spaghetti squash + Rao’s + sausage + parm for the win
How am I so lucky to have these two little dears?
Tried some pumpkin cinnamon cookies with CINNAMON CHIPS!
Who knew these existed?! Found them on my friend Maria’s huge blog and loved them.
Like a snickerdoodle meets a pumpkin cookie ^^
Birthdays and fun events all month ^^
Always nice to get back in town, and restock on groceries ^^
It really is one of my favorite things to settle back in after fun travels!
Happy girl who keeps wearing her flip flops like it’s summer! (Because it’s been a warm Oct here!)
Baby friends Claire & Jane!
Mexican burrito bowls at home – quinoa, chicken, black beans, grilled peppers,
romaine, avocado, greek yogurt (for sour cream). All easy from Trader Joe’s!
Parties + pizza ^^
Little girl birthday parties are the sweetest.
^^ Darling unicorn rainbow cake at our little friend Margo’s birthday party
YAY for the Utes coming to town to play at Stanford .. and winning!
We got to show some Utes around Google headquarters – all of the Presidential Ambassadors
who were in town for the game. Chase and I both love our alma mater SO MUCH and it
makes us happy to connect with them here and see how impressive they all are!
We will always love the U, especially for bringing us together :)
Love Courtney, who worked at the U when we were there and set up internships
to DC and London -and knew Chase and I in the dating years :) ^^
We love when Uncle Brady comes to town for work and surprises us with a visit!
..and Chase got to ride with him ^^
Playgroup with the cutest little pals. My friend Liz sent this when she was
hosting and I just can’t get over how much these kids are growing up! R is
lucky to have them as little friends, and I couldn’t survive without their moms :)
Chase was out of town for work and Rea must have been missing him,
because I kept finding her putting on his shoes –haha so sweet ^^
New little pink running shoes came in the mail for Rea, and I’m obsessed! ^^
Chase went to Seattle for a few days on business and caught the prettiest weather there. He also took Reagan’s O the Owl toy to Seattle this time :)
Rea’s favorite thing to see her toys go on these trips!
Yummiest spaghetti squash lasagna boats ^^
Back on the bike and it is the BEST!
High fit with friends + protein poppers, trying to balance out the many holiday treats :)
Going to turn orange from how often I make carrot soup + sweet potatoes!!!
No better babe ^^
Pumpkin overnight oats + left coast cookie binge ^^
Still can’t believe we have two little girlfriends!
Music class = the best part of our week ha!
All of the cute Halloween songs have been stuck in our head all month!
Love our weeks filled with ballet and errands and outings.
I told Reagan this was called a jumpsuit and so she kept jumping all day in it :)
Feels so good to be running and exercising again like normal
after baby! I’ve been trying out the Hoka running shoes and I’ve
been back and forth on them, but I think they are feeling better on
my shins and joints! I need to use them longer but I have liked the change.
And my favorite thing, getting back out on bike rides ^^
Date night with Chase up to SF to see…
Waitress! Such a darling musical, I loved it.
Little birthday partygoer ^^
Bubble birthday party for our friend Margot!
Little ballerina ^^
and little shopper ..surveying the shoes at Nordstrom and asking for a picture
with Minnie + Goofy + Mickey when she spotted them at Costco ha! ^^
Dish + breakfast steak tacos = winning combo Pumpkin patch + train ride at Billy Jones Wildcar Railroad in Los Gatos!
With our Yoder besties ^^
We had to do the cute carousel!
Fun fall picnic after at Vasona Park ^^
Kendall + Claire!
Tis the season ^^
Chipotle spread to watch the Utah game with our Ute pals in the Bay!
Sunday best!
Love my bestie ^^
Sister chats before ballet…and the cutest little choo choo train I ever did see ^^
Happy girl on the go!
Love outings with this girl…who found all these books and “read” them out loud
standing on a stool while I nursed baby… haha where does she come from?! ^^
How we do October in CA ^^
Another cute toy trip from Chase. R asked him to take Miss Elaina to NYC this time,
and he never fails to entertain us sending these home while he’s away! ^^
This little teenager…I looked over after getting baby Claire out of the car,
and Rea had climbed into the front seat, found my sunglasses AND a sucker
I had stashed…all within 30 seconds. Ha, then just lounging in the little tub! ^^
Lunch with cute Tara and the BEST pine nut almond cookies ever!!
Haha best snoozer with her hat covering, and with her little finger up thinking ^^
Love this little face ^^
Love love love ^^
Happy girls to have Dad home after a week in NYC ♥
No one wanted to leave his side!
October activities like mummy toilet paper wraps at play group, and decorating pumpkins!
Reagan getting into her first real “mischief” moment…diaper cream slathered
on one morning in her room when she woke up and discovered she could reach it.
Ahhh! Of course it was water-resistant diaper rash cream that didn’t come off at all
when I put her in the tub with water. PLENTY of scrubbing later, we were late to church :)
Thankfully this one can’t get into things quite yet ^^
Acai at home, and loved this street name of an open house we went to ^^
Bakers for dinner! We’ve loved having them out here for an internship this fall.
Reagan is the biggest fan of us all, clearly ^^
Dodo cheese dip and yummy salads for Sunday dinner with Isabelle + Alex!
Sweet little Claire sleeping with clasped hands, and with
baby doll put in the car seat with her by her big sister ..ha!
Cutest tiny dancer… with pink pumpkins in the ballet studio, of course.
Cauliflower crust pizza, and early mail-in voting ^^
Fall leaves! They always come a little bit late here, but they still come! ^^
How Chase has Claire enter every room-ha! And, YUMMIEST pumpkin oatmeal
with sautéed apples. Dreaming of this perfect fall breakfast and need to make again!
Trying on Halloween costumes a little bit before! :)
Halloween crafty lunch and little witch project :)
Halloween outings with my girlfriends, and on the right ^^ favorite quick lunch or dinner =
replace noodles with cooked quinoa, and combine with simple combos like
pesto – sundried tomatoes – heirloom tomatoes – parm – arugula – chicken.
Turned out so yummy and is a healthy alternative!
Matching sister bows and just the sweetest of babes ^^
Pretty home dreaming on a walk. (Out here in the Bay it is literally dreaming ;) Our little bees + their beekeepers for our Halloween costume this year!


I’m always so sad to see October end, but luckily the coming months are amazing!


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