REA OF SUNSHINE Yellow Birthday Party

REA OF SUNSHINE Yellow Birthday Party

Reagan truly is a ray of sunshine in our lives, so it was only fitting that her 2nd birthday party was themed
“Rea of Sunshine” and full of all things sunny and yellow! I wanted her to have the best day since she was
looking so forward to it, and it felt important to celebrate her before baby sister comes next month
and takes a little attention :) Last year for her 1st birthday we did a Dutch themed party since we lived
in Holland while I was pregnant with her, and did that party when visiting Utah so family was there.
That was so fun to do, and this year was even more fun since she knew more what was going on.
We talked about it for weeks leading up, how all her friends would come for her birthday and
wear yellow and have cake :) She was so sweet and excited which made it fun to plan and throw.
This year the timing lined up for us to do her party in the Bay, and it was sweet to get to
celebrate with our California friends here. We were missing a few out of town (comes with a
summer birthday I guess! :) but Reagan loved it and it turned out great. We did it at a nearby
park we love in Los Altos since we don’t quite have the space to throw a party at our place.
I did a bunch of random yellow food since it was during the afternoon, so it was more snacks
just following the color theme! Here’s a little list of what I did, in case anyone has reason to
throw a sunshine or color themed party! We also had a portable speaker so we could play some kids rhyming songs and happy birthday. She loved bopping around the park listening to her favourite nursey rhymes with some cake in her hand. It really was so fun and happy and I’ll always remember it.

Yellow fruit: pineapple/ mangoes/ bananas/ lemons/apricots
Veggies: corn on the cob, yellow peppers, yellow zucchini
Sides: plantain chips, lemon rosemary bread, tortilla chips, mac & cheese, cheese plate
Treats: popcorn, banana pudding, yellow funfetti cake, sunshine cookies, lemon pie
Candy: yellow gum balls, lemonheads, yellow taffy, banana candies, swirl suckers, rock candy
Decorations: Yellow flowers, balloons, sparkling water, paper plates, napkins, forks, spoons, knives
Games: pin the rays on the sunshine, “you are my sunshine” coloring pages
^^ Cutie helping us set up
Ready for her party!!!
Everyone looked so cute with so much yellow as people arrived! ^^
Besties in their yellow ^^ Reagan loves her Kate!
I always want to have a clever version of “pin the tail on the donkey” at her parties that fits the theme.
Last year we did “plant tulips by the windmill,” and this year “pin the rays on the sunshine!”…and cute little sunshine coloring pages ^^ Kids did these less this time
because of the fun playground and park, but still glad we did had them.
Sneaking some popcorn with her friend Margot :)
Drinking her favorite sparkling lemon water, and how perfect were our cute friend’s yellow baby salt waters! ^^
So fun to see friends arrive in their yellow!
Singing time!! ^^
Pretty excited for the singing and cake and candles!!
^^ Love how dang excited she was to blow out candles!!
Yellow bow perfectly inside her gold party crown :) ^^
Birthday hugs from cute friends ^^ I love that although Reagan has a playgroup of
little friends her age who she loves, she also gets along with older friends and plays
right alongside them ha! Love our cute Ruby and Brooklyn who are both so sweet to R ^^
Holding her cute presents, which I am embarrassed anyone brought. Friends are too sweet!
Next year we want to pick a charity for people to donate to instead – but she loved her sweet gifts this year.
Kendall and baby Willa, some of our besties! And they brought the BEST lemon pie :)
One of our best family friends Kathryn was the best to come, and since she is my mom’s
BFF she felt like a stand in for my mom :) We had just celebrated with family in Utah
and my parents will come out soon for baby #2, so they weren’t at this party…which made us
happy that Kathryn came! She of course brought this cool unibike which the kids LOVED.
^^ This friend adds happiness and sunshine everywhere she goes!
The Pandos and the Coppins – our darling British friends from ballet! ^^
So many gifts were wrapped in yellow which was the cutest :)
Little swinging break with Dad near the end :) ^^
Amazing lemon pie from the Magnolia cookbook, thanks to Kendall! ^^
And favorite cheese plate from Lindsay…both so amazing to help!!
I was going to make a fancy lemon buttercream cake but remembered
it was a 2 year old birthday, so made this yummy and simple funfetti.
End of the party pic with the balloons … and what looks like a balloon in my belly! :)
We let Reagan open a present while we cleaned up at the end, and it was this darling
train set from our friends the Andersons. Cutest sight to see her playing trains with her dad ^^
Loading up the car happy and tired and all celebrated out ^^

This little yellow picnic party really did feel like the perfect way to
celebrate our bright, happy two-year-old who we are so lucky to have.
Thanks for being our Rea of Sunshine, little one… and thanks to our
cute friends + family near and far who celebrated with us! XO

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