The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks

A week in the Outer Banks was dreamy! It was my first time there, and so fun
to meet family for a spring break week at the beach. Chase couldn’t come,
so I flew to Virginia with little Reagan and met my parents + my brother
and his cute family who live in Richmond. We all drove the 3.5 hours to
the Outer Banks and after that cross-country travel and drive, it felt so
good to settle into a beach house! We were up in the north part of Corolla
(actually pronounced like ‘kuh-rah-luh’) and it was so lovely. We enjoyed the
quiet offseason, gorgeous beaches and dunes, beautiful homes, charming
little towns, lighthouses, Wright Brothers history, shrimp & grits, beach drives,
kite flying, wild horses, and time together in such a unique and beautiful place!
Warning: lots & lots of photos below, but what else do you expect from me!

This first glimpse of the beach was what I had pictured the Outer Banks to be like ^^
Fun to see where we were on a map after we had crossed over ^^
Cute colorful Outer Banks homes in Nags Head! ^^
And beautiful classy homes up by where we stayed ^^
This is a glimpse of my embarrassing camera roll from my walk JUST the first morning! ^^
I was clearly loving all of them.
This was our rental home off AirBNB ^^
And this little chick got some good sleep after our red eye flight from the West Coast ^^
Little babes heading to the beach! ^^ A baby bike ride on the beach path with Papa. I would never let anyone else get away with this but him, haha!
We were lucky to get good weather a few of the days in between some rain and wind in the week ^^
Cute little Maddie loving the cold ocean water!
Happy kiddos on the beach ^^
Best breakfasts by my mom every morning! ^^ There’s nothing like staying in a big house with family,
and Reagan practically jumped out of bed each morning to run up and be with cousins!
Those little smiles ^^
Views from the house balcony ^^
This little girl was obsessed with her aunt Whit, and cousins Maddie & Zach (and uncle Jeff!) ^^
Her face says it all ^^ obsessed with cousins!
More house dreaming..
..And foggy beach days which I kind of liked just as much!
Hiking the dunes! ^^
This part of the beach had the most amazing seashells ^^
Napping baby Rea on the beach …notice those chubby sandy feet! ^^
Of course Aunt Whit rocked Reagan right to sleep on the beach!
Both of my parents snapping a million photos of the kids :) Cutest ^^
She’s finally at the age where it’s so nice to take her to the beach because she just plays and plays
(and doesn’t eat sand or get it in her eyes etc :)
Cute dad + brother ^^^^ Shrimp & grits, the dish you can find all over the menus in the area.
This is the best one we tried, from Blue Water Grill in Manteo on
Roanoke Island. I am still dreaming about it right now!! It’s fun
because every place makes it a little bit different.
Post-beach lighthouse sightseeing with this crew ^^
Morning bike rides from the house to the beach ^^
Wright Brothers Memorial ^^ It was so interesting and memorable to see!
Especially after reading The Wright Brothers book. I was wishing Chase were there to see this especially!
Although a bit windy, hence the pose ha! ^^
The most idyllic lighthouse – Bodie Island Lighthouse!
One of my favorite things we did was beach driving!!
If you drive all the way north (just 20 minutes past where we stayed),
the paved road ends and literally turns into the beach. If you have a 4-wheel
drive car, you can cruise right onto the sand and drive! My dad went and rented
a separate Jeep rental car for a day so we could do this, and it was so worth it! Such
a fun and unique experience. I can’t imagine in the summer when people can drive and park
cars by their beach setup — how nice would that be to have your car on the beach with everything in it?!
Views out the top of the Jeep ^^
and views out the back ^^
One day when there was a little cold snap, we drove to Roanoke Island
and explored it, including the Aquarium! Always a good idea with kids…
and all of us were loving it too! Thanks Mom & Dad for taking us all here!
This screen at the entry and exit was so entertaining for some reason! It kept
having animated animals swim or crawl across like they were at our feet, and
the kids could not get over it. Hah Reagan could have stood & watched for an hour!
Nothing like exploring brand new places! ^^
We tried this yummy taco spot one of the days and loved the food
(though the service was a little funny) but still so good! It’s called
Outer Banks Taco Bar and is a small little spot in Kitty Hawk.
Went to Duck Donuts a few (too many) times on the trip hehe …and hot tubbed a lot too!
(Except for my pregnant self! I just sat on the deck with a donut in hand ;)
Yummy cooking at the beach house – lemony salmon + roasted veggies and salad ^^
Yes, more homes. The sun was back by the end of the week! It was a good balance of weather
that allowed for beach days and also some sightseeing in the car.
The pretty area where we stayed was within the Currituck Country Club which was so nice ^^ Sand castle time with Zachie ^^
Tennis + playground fun before the rain one day ^^
Our final night we came from the beach and had the best dinner at this AMAZING restaurant: The Paper Canoe.
I kept seeing the sign all week as we’d pass it going back and forth through Duck, and wanted to eat
there just from the name alone! I could tell it had to be good- and it’s right on the water.
It did NOT disappoint. And, the nicest owner let our big group eat there without a
reservation even though it was a busy night. We were all obsessed. Go here if in OBX!
Overlooking the Sound!
Yummy wood-fired pizzas. I loved the white pizza with gruyere, white cheddar, & grilled peppers. Yum.
^^ Had to try their shrimp & grits which was amazing! Every dish we saw come out looked unreal.
Even their bread to start the meal was some of the best we’ve ever had, charred from the wood-fired oven.
Happy campers after the best meal and best trip.

We drove back to Richmond and flew home from there, so got to spend some
time at my brother Jeff & Whit’s new house which is amazing! So fun to get
time with family back East, and loved experiencing the Outer Banks!
If you made it this far, congratulations! I have a picture problem :)




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