Salt Lake Winter Visit

Salt Lake Winter Visit

I’m overdue on posting some pictures from our fun wintery week in Salt Lake.
We were originally flying in to drive up to Bear Lake for the President’s Day holiday
weekend with Chase’s family, but the day we were all planning to head up a few of the
little cousins got sick and a huge snowstorm was coming…so his family decided to change
plans and cancel the cabin, and just stay in Salt Lake! We were still so glad we flew in, because
we ended up having a fun and relaxing week in Salt Lake with both families. We spent the weekend
with Chase’s family and then stayed a few extra days and saw my family and some friends. Always so
nice to be here, even in the winter weather ;) California has made me a softie with the cold haha!
Snowy Salt Lake sights! ^^
We had an early early flight and this little one was a trooper!
Love when we get to all 3 travel together. I feel like the majority of my flights with
Reagan have been solo, so it’s soo nice to have Chase’s help. We flew Southwest for the first
time in years because we got the companion pass which is a pretty good deal! It makes it so all
three of us fly for the price of one ticket (since R is still under 2). They were delayed and we didn’t
love that there were no assigned seats, but it was still such a good deal to get there that way!
Spying the Great Salt Lake through the window, and straight to our favorite
Cafe Rio with Chase’s parents. It’s usually our first stop from the airport :)
With our canceled cabin plans, Chase’s mom had the idea to go down to the
Aquarium which we’d never done! We met some Rigby cousins and Reagan LOVED it.
Cute cousin Lauren showing Reagan all around! ^^
I spy little R in the right corner – haha so funny to see that little head ^^
Happy girl with Uncle Drew and Mimi! ^^
We woke the next morning to a MAJOR snow storm and it didn’t stop the next two days!
We cozied up and played games, napped, relaxed, and got things done. It’s amazing how
nice it is to have parents / in-laws to play with Reagan and help. Chase’s parents took
the best care of us and made it so relaxing for us to just hang out all weekend!
Lots of good good food all week, as always. This is our favorite raspberry almond torte from Market Street!
Children’s Museum for our first time! Loved it.
Fun to be there with these cuties!
So confused by this snow stuff! ^^
And the best best best ^^ Dodo. Always a must. We went twice within a few days :)
Dirty bird salad, and every and all dessert they offer.
Banana cream cheese cake + the classic tollhouse pie + PB chocolate cheesecake! ^^
Chase and I had a few fun date nights which is not as common for us in CA.
It’s amazing to have built-in, willing babysitters and we had a fun movie night
followed by dessert at Chip because we couldn’t go home quite yet when we had free sitters! :)
These are definitely yummy (and best idea that they deliver, which we’ve used for friends)
but after finally trying them I was a little disappointed compared to the hype. I think they
are milk chocolate chips which changes the entire cookie for me! Still yummy though.
I got to meet the SWEETEST Jensen twin baby girls. So amazed by my bestie Ash
and the cute mom she is to TWO baby girls. How precious could they be!! ^^
So many fun play dates with cousins and little friends ^^
Pedicure night with my sis in law Mindy thanks to my cute mom!
…Followed by girls night out dinner with my mom and grandma downtown. So fun!
Meanwhile my dad babysat all 4 kids at home by himself, and even got the 2 littles to bed.
Ice cream nights with Yaya, and so fun to watch the Olympics while there!
The best was watching the cross country ski sprint final when the U.S.
women’s team won the first ever gold in the most amazing Olympic finish
I may have ever seen! It was so fun to watch live, and of course my dad went
to the garage to get his skate skis for a picture to celebrate because it is one
of my parents favorite sports and he is the biggest fan of all of the U.S. team.
Love this little nephew Bennett, who keeps changing every time we see him!
He had his first birthday while we were in town which was fun!
Reagan is endlessly entertained when in Utah :)
Pretty sunset our last night there!
Airport goodbyes with our cute Mimi … and one last taste of snow!
That snow gave us the longest airport delay (2 hours at the gate,
2 more ON the tarmac) but we stayed happy somehow!
It might have had to do with the Cafe Rio we’d grabbed right before our flight…
thank goodness we had it, because it saved us when trapped on the snowy runway!


Love you, SLC! All of your people, food, and the feeling of home.


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