Israel and the Holy Land

Israel and the Holy Land

We’re back from a life-changing trip through Israel, and into Jordan and Palestine.
Chase had business in Tel Aviv, so we decided to go a little bit early and see this special area.
I flew through Salt Lake to drop our little one with family (thank you MOM and everyone else!)
and I met Chase in New York where he was for work, then we went on through Russia to Israel!
Of all the amazing places and sights we’ve seen on our past travels, none have ever resonated
more or been as special than in the Holy Land. I know we only scratched the surface, but this
experience will be in our hearts forever! I’ll have separate posts coming of Jerusalem, the
Dead Sea, and Tel Aviv…but this first post is from some of the in-between sights throughout Israel.
It felt like quite the whirlwind to get here between dropping Reagan off, taking a red eye to
NYC, having a layover with the craziest snowstorm which made our flight get canceled,
rebooking, waiting, flying through Russia and finally onto Tel Aviv to make it just in time
for our day tour we had planned through the Holy Land! It was a little crazy but we made it! You don’t get a passport stamp here because of the complicated relationship
with other surrounding countries, but you get this entry card instead. Crazy! ^^
 We crossed into Jordan to visit Christ’s baptismal site at the River. It was special
to see and feel the waters here, and also interesting to see people wading into the
waters and immersing themselves. It was a powerful place to visit!
We passed through Jericho and the lowest elevation point on land in the entire Earth!
This area around the Dead Sea ranges to about 400 meters below sea level.
^^ Don’t mind our exhausted faces, at this point we had not slept in a bed in 3 nights (red eye-
canceled flight – and then on the flight) so we were toughing it out but happy to be there!
Stop for our first falafel & hummus in pita which did not disappoint!
Beautiful countryside of Israel – I could not get over the landscape.
We also grabbed our first shawarma of the trip which is our FAVE.
We did a day tour to a lot of sights with this company Tourist Israel,
because we had limited time and it is not advisable to drive on your own here.
We loved the first half of the tour- it moved quickly and gave us lots of independent
exploring time, but things were thrown off in the afternoon by some in the group getting
lost, so it turned into a bit of a nightmare ha. It’s always a gamble with tour groups! It was still
worth it and helped us get around to lots of things in one day. It was this tour, which we started in
Tel Aviv and then had them drop us in Jerusalem because we stayed there a few more nights on our own.
I can’t wait to share more (with lots more detail) of the rest of our trip.
These were just the photos of smaller stops as I get organized!

What an amazing land that was a privilege to visit.


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