Reagan 18 months!

Reagan 18 months!

What do I even say about this girl at 18 months?!
Haha this month we’ve entered into quite the phase —
I think this age might be the hardest so far… :) and most
entertaining! Reagan is hilarious but also a lot right now!
Part of it has been that she hasn’t been feeling well this
month (a cold over the holidays in Utah, and then
pneumonia and a double ear infection when we got
back)…but she also is in an independent, curious, sassy,
determined, feisty phase so the combination has been
brutally comical! We all got sick the past two weeks
at our house, so I have been exhausted mentally and
physically chasing this girl around. But through it all,
it is so fun to watch her learn and grow and progress..
sassiness and all. She melts our hearts, drives us crazy,
and makes us laugh our heads off constantly. Some highlights!

Dear 1.5 year old Rea:

♥ This month your talking has blown up. You say so many words and little sentences, and enunciate things so well. The funniest thing you somehow picked up is: “No way!” And you love saying it all the time ;) You know it’s funny though and laugh after you yell it. You count, say colors, the ABCs, names, animals, sing parts of songs, and more. You also repeat so many things that we say, and learned how to say “Hi Google” to the Google home so it will play your favorite songs. So funny!

♥ You love your big girl bed and do so well in it now! After your bedtime routine (bath, stories, brush teeth,) you go climb right in it and we say prayers and you go to sleep! Then in the morning you get out of bed, open your door, walk into our room and say “Hi, mama! Hi, dada!” It’s the best…except when it’s 5 AM.

♥ You have the funniest relationship with your dad — you are sarcastic and sassy and hilarious with him. You always act like he’s bugging you by saying “Dadaaaaaa….!” all annoyed, but you secretly love it.

♥ You became your most clingy to me this month, probably because of being sick and being tended so much in Utah which you aren’t used to. You get really really sad when I leave now which is hard timing for nursery!

♥ You like to do anything that an older person would do…put on adult shoes, hold keys, unlock the car, etc. You want to grow up too fast!!

♥ I’m amazed at how observant you are of the world around you. You notice every detail!

♥ You are still the best and cutest dancer, eater, and little person. You love other people, say hi to everyone you see, and Facetime your little cousins and friends who live away constantly. You are full of light and spunk and love.

Big girl in her big bed ^^
Beach babe! ^^
Best bed head ^^ and always stealing the Nest camera in her room!
How we found this girl one morning while staying at my parents in Utah over the holidays..
she had gotten out of her little bed during the night and wandered in the room, and somehow
fallen asleep on the mini play trampoline…with one of my shoes by her. Haha unreal!
You love your daddy ^^ But still cling to me most of the time!
Your face 99% of the time you are with cousins :) ^^
Adventuring this month, including down to the Martinelli factory for samples and a tour.
First time skiing! ^^
Cutest girl celebrating Christmas ^^
Christmas morning and tastes of sparkling cider on Christmas night ^^
Obsessed with her cousins!!
Matching with Gracie and Ring Around the Rosie
Lots of fun parties and outings!
Cute ski bunny at Alta!
We watched home videos over the holidays and couldn’t get over how
similar I looked to her at the same age! ^^ Even though she also looks so much like Chase!
Catching up on sleep from the fun month!
So fun to dress this little chick ^^

First time bowling, and a true acai fan ^^
She brings magic to everything! ^^
Winter naps and indoor bike rides with Dada ^^
Her favorite thing: trying on big shoes. These are my mom’s and Rea would come
walking down the hall from her closet while staying at the house!
Snow time in Salt Lake!
Riding the train in downtown SLC ^^
Little typer/coder/hacker on my laptop ^^
Park play dates with pals! ^^
Beachy sick day for this one to get some fresh air after pneumonia ^^
Lots of Facetime this month with cousins and grandparents and friends,
and Elmo (AKA my dad with a puppet each time we talk on Facetime :)
Little ham ^^
Best traveler, waiting patiently at the airport and then
reading on her own on our Uber home ^^


We love you Reagan, and marvel at you daily.



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  • Love reading all about Reagan! We have a momma’s girl lately over here but like you said I think part of it is all the attention she was getting over the holidays. She seems so big in her toddler bed!!

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