Grand America Christmas Windows + Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Grand America Christmas Windows + Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Our Dunn family reunited a few days before Christmas in downtown Salt Lake City
for a Grand America window scavenger hunt and fun adventure on the train to see Santa at City Creek!
We had just flown in from California 2 days before, and my brother and his family had flown
in from Virginia the night before… so with my other brother and parents in Utah it
was fun to all reunite a few days before Christmas downtown!Always feels so good to have everyone back in one place! ^^ It’s a rare occasion.
This hasn’t happened since last summer in the Tetons in July!
The gorgeous Grand ^^
My parent’s next door neighbors own this hotel and it’s always been a favorite.
If you’ve never been to SLC, you need to go and you need to stay here!
Cousins holding hands and running around right away ^^
Walking with Papa … Haha her face! ^^
Looking in the cute windows to find the letters! ^^
Obsessed over these windows ^^
It was so cute how much the kids LOVED these windows! ^^
Cutest gifts for the kids to match the windows we were seeing ^^
The life size gingerbread house is so cute ^^
Then, we boarded the train down to City Creek! Cute cousins ^^
Enjoying her sucker prize on the train ^^
Macy’s windows!
Handing out the next clues!
Off to explore together ^^
Visiting Santa! Reagan was not happy about that part ;)
So cute to have all the grandkids, just missing little Bennett who was napping in the stroller ^^
City creek exploring ^^
Training back to have brunch!
Little America Buffet after our fun fun morning!
This was the best kickoff to the holiday visits!
Nothing like being with family ♥



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