August was a fun end to summer! We packed it full of a few road trips, a cabin weekend,
city dates, nights at home, cooking, working out, getting into cycling (!!!) Bay exploring,
and soaking up the true dog days of summer. The month ended with a crazy heat wave
in the Bay, making it a little less hard to say goodbye to summer. We’re ready for fall
and football and cooler days, but we’ve loved this amazing summer as a family of 3!
Summer stock and pesto cranberry pasta ^^
Two of my very very favorite things!
I still pinch myself that I get to wake up to this little peanut every day. ^^
Sunset at Lake Tahoe was a highlight of the month!
SF strolls ^^
Nothing better than shows in the city!
Love my bestie Sarah who came with for a girls night
and this musical was unexpectedly the BEST! Love loved it.
Dolores views! ^^
We had a Bachelor & Braids night with our friends where we watched
Bach in Paradise (truly the worst, ha) and Sarah taught Chase how
to French braid my hair so that he can hopefully do it for me and R!
Ha I love that he’s willing to learn since I’m CLUELESS with hair.
I need Sar to come do my hair every day!
Lake getaway with this cutie ^^
^^ Baby girl stopping to smell even the tiniest of flowers :)
City dates usually mean ice cream!
Yummiest spot in the city – POWDER Shaved Snow!
What happens when we visit Chase at work..Google bike rides!
(Don’t worry — he didn’t really ride with her like that ;)
Visiting Dad at work also means going down the slide!
Ha, only at Google
We went adventuring one day to Bol Park to find the donkeys!
They were sleeping in the shade but it was still fun to see them & we’ll be back!
We got a sample pack of the YES Bar sent to us, and as you can see baby Rea
was very interested :) I like the texture and size of them better than other
healthy bars, but the Strawberry Coconut is the only one I’d buy again. It’s SO good.
My work out color of choice is pretty obvious :) ^^
Favorite breakfasts lately : Peach protein pancakes, and bell pepper – kale scrambles

We had to take a picture all matching in our baby blues!
We tried out a local farm produce box this month called Spade & Plow,
and I think I’m hooked. So nice to get the freshest in-season produce
and have an excuse to use it all up! It made our fridge look so pretty + stocked.
Best delivery ^^
Park dates with friends like Indi who loves playing with R’s hair :)
Farmers market finds and the resulting dinner ^^
TIP: Go get a bag of maca powder at Traders and make this shake I wrote on the right pic! ^^
This month I tried out Care Of, the coolest new startup that creates
custom vitamin packs based on your health and needs. I’ve loved it so
far and even though I normally don’t like taking any supplements or pills,
but since these vitamins were custom to me I’ve felt good about them! A lot of my friends are passionate about the supplements they take and the good that they can do for you. For example, those that take gundry md total restore and similar supplements are happy with the positive impact their have on their overall wellbeing, from their gut health to their energy levels.
I heard about this company from a friend and wanted to try them out!
Try filling this out to see which vitamins are recommended for you!
End of summer uniform ^^^
Sunset walks have become our favorite before little r’s bedtime^^
Date night in Los Gatos ^^
I’ve been in the biggest cooking mood all month and tried so many new recipes.
I’ve shared lots of them like this amazing sundried tomato chicken here! ^^
Taco truck date night with little Rea ^^
Look at her going at that burrito!
We love to walk to dinner in our neighborhood ^^
Favorite weekend breakfast for 3 = homemade acai bowls!
And I tried these gut shots after seeing them at Costco and loved them.
Chase thought they were way too sour but I loved taking them!
This happy face runs around everywhere and makes us so happy ^^
Tiny Trader Joe’s shopper. She knows her way around the store now, ha!
Froyo date once we were reunited with the Hammels after lots of the summer
apart! They are PREGNANT with their first babe coming this February and
we are so dang excited that the cat’s out of the bag! Can’t wait for baby besties!
A true gem discovery this month – the Allied Arts Guild. I’m in love!
^^ Besties matching in their coral tones ;)
Reagan has hit the age where it’s so fun to take her to do kids activities now because
she can run around now and explore, so I’ve loved starting to do a lot more of the
Bay Area kiddo attractions! This Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo is a fun little
spot right by the Children’s Library where we go for story time.
Reagan also loves the Mountain View Library and meeting Dad there after work!
^^ Chase’s moped that he randomly rides once in a while and makes us laugh so hard!
I made a copycat recipe for the harvest bowl at Sweetgreen and we loved it!
It was so easy and made a ton to last for a few days of lunches!
Double date night with our T&T ^^ on the day of their first ultrasound!!!
Oakland Zoo date! ^^
Baby loved the pretty pink flamingos ^^
Shrimp tostadas at home…so so good! Recipe here.
Like I said at the start of the post, this month we bit the bullet and have gotten
totally into road biking! I’ve had a road bike for a while but none of the serious
gear/ clips or anything, but my parents are pros and I started going with a group
in my neighborhood, got all the gear, and before I knew it Chase bought a brand
new bike and all the gear and we’ve both been loving it! It all started because I hurt
my leg this summer and couldn’t run without pain, but was so tired of the gym so
the bike was calling my name. We live in such a good area for it and have loved it!
Thanks dad for getting us all set up with the best stuff!!
Park picnic night with our ward and little independent slide-crawler ^^
Foggy misty morning bikes rides in the morning + hot sunny Dish hikes in the day! ^^
Sunday cookies + a good speaker at church — Chase! :)
I tried ABK’s new Copycat Levain oatmeal cookie recipe but swapped chocolate chips for raisins. Winners!
Smart girl ^^ :)
Facetime dates + new friend at Costco :)
The first Utah game of the year!! We watched it with friends at 4:30 and then
went to a 49ers game at 8:00 with some friends. Double football night!
The spread for the first game of the year!
These breadsticks really are the best.
Still stocking up on this for during the week when we try to have less / no
added sugar or sweets–these completely satisfy my sweet tooth in a healthier way.
We also take them on our bike rides :) I’m dying to try their new flavors next:
Maple Sea Salt, Mint Chocolate, and Mango Pineapple!!
I’m in love with the Little Golden Book series and always have
to pick some up with Reagan when we go to World Market.

Sent off a little “double the fun” package to my friend
Ash who is pregnant with TWIN girls! Ahh!!! ^^
Fun to take this little chick out on the bike!
Vineyard views on an early bike ride ^^
Still dreaming of our Tahoe weekend ^^
Riding over the state line!
Skillet enchilada bake with lots of veggies ^^
Cute little park explorer ^^
Rearranging our apartment and hanging a few things! ^^
Yummy homemade lettuce wraps (recipe posting soon!)
It was the perfect simple meal to drop to my cute friend Kira who just had her 3rd babe!
The best day of August was the last day of August—the start of Utah Football season!!!!
…and, the 49ers game late that night to end August and start football season!!

Here’s to September!!!