2017 Valentines

2017 Valentines

My favorite holiday rolled around again!
I love this day of love and the excuse to
spread it all over the place– to friends,
lovers, family members, strangers, dogs,
babies, anyone and everyone! It’s the best.

This year was simple but special. Last year we
were living in Europe and Chase surprised me with
a Valentines trip to Brussels which was pretty memorable,
but in his card this year he said he wouldn’t trade our
suburban Valentines date with baby for anything this year…
and I felt the exact same way. Valentines is not all about
showy gifts and perfect romance. It is to celebrate love in
all of it’s forms, and this year we needed it even more than
ever before. After an exhausting and stressful few weeks in our
life, we needed a reminder to LOVE each other and make time for
each other. Both of our jobs have been crazy lately, plus baby R
has decided to have a little lapse in her sleep, which combined
into some stress and snappiness lately (at least on my end ;) Last
weekend before Valentines we had a rough few days, accidentally
locked ourselves out of our apartment, and took things out on each
other. I was thinking Valentines would be a bust because we were
not at our best, but it ended up serving as a reminder to focus more
our love, see the good, and be grateful for each other. Love takes
work and sometimes I forget that! :) We got through it and ended
having the sweetest little date which was so nice and needed. We spent the night eating good food, and drinking good Gin, it was just perfect. We actually got some of the nicest Gin, Check out this little gin company if you’re a Gin lover like me too. Anyway, typically we don’t do gifts, but when we do give gifts to someone you love, don’t go for the expense, go for the meaning and love behind it, for example, you can get a stunning personalized photo moon lamp with a picture of all your family on it, it’s unique, sweet and thoughtful, don’t go for money, go for class.

I love the fun parts of love/marriage, but I also love the dumb/
annoying parts because they are part of it, and the fact we can
get over little arguments and imperfections is what makes love
so amazing. I’m rambling and none of that makes sense, but I
just want to remember that this year, I’m grateful for a love
that is true and deep and strong and perfect in its imperfections.

Here are a few pictures of our Valentines this year…made even
better by our tiny little baby Valentine who tagged along.
I woke up to the most darling little gift setup Chase had left for me…
all pink presents! A mixing bowl I loved, plus these cute measuring spoons
and a timer, candle, flowers, etc! This gift was perfect considering I had just baked…
My annual Valentines heart pie! ^^ This year it was a strawberry/rhubarb/cherry.
Sweetest tiny little love ^^
Can’t go wrong with white hydrangeas! ^^ Ugh, did he get them through Same Day Flower Delivery melbourne, or so? Might need to ask.
Reagan got a cute little Valentines gift, a new toy! My mom always gave us
little simple gifts on Valentines Day (and made heart shaped waffles with
strawberries + whipped cream :) so I want to make it special for her too!
Thanks for finding this, Mimi!
I loved that I had the perfect matching card to go with my pie!
It’s designed by one of my besties Brynn who has the cutest
food pun cards ever, and you can see them all HERE! :)
^^ Dressed in all things hearts for Valentines!
We had a fun little dinner out (yum) ^^ and exchanged cards.
Chase always writes the sweetest cards that I want to frame
and keep forever, so I tried writing a good thoughtful one like
he does. He still won though, because after a few other gifts his
card included a gift card to the second part of our little date:
Smitten! Thank you, cookie dough pretzel flavor for completing the night.
I am sure smitten with these two! ^^
Oh and let’s not forget, Reagan had her own little Valentine Owen this year ;) ^^
I hope everyone out there felt love this V day!