Holidays in Utah

Holidays in Utah

Over the river and through the woods, to Utah we went, for Christmas! :)
We loved our busy, snowy week at home in Salt Lake.
It felt so good to be home for the holidays after a crazy month (and year).
It was baby Reagan’s first time to Salt Lake City, which is a little ridiculous
since both of her parents are from there and she’s been to 2 other
continents + lots of other cities before this. We had to fix that!
It’s always a little bit stressful and packed to try to see all of our
loved ones and friends in a short week, but we did it and it was
extra special to be able to introduce Reagan to so many of our
nearest and dearest. Per usual we ate our share of Cafe Rio for
the next few months, got snowed in, visited friends, spent time
with family, played in the snow, ate at our favorite spots, got colds,
and soaked up our week in Utah before heading back to California.
I took lots of pictures and they are all below! We love it here and
are so lucky to have a place we both call home to go back to.
When we visit it reminds us that part of us hopes to make it
back one day. The pros (FAMILY, friends, schools, home prices,
mountains)…may eventually outweigh the cons (weather, inversion,
leaving jobs, etc…). But for now, we are happy to live just an hour
flight away. And once my parents move home from Africa this summer,
I have a feeling we’ll be here a lot more often! Love you, Salt Lake City!

Beautiful snow-capped mountains as we flew into Salt Lake,
and little angel who got on ANOTHER flight 2 days after
returning from our South Africa/Spain trip. ^^ I couldn’t
believe we were getting on another plane, but the good news
is now an hour flight seems like a cake walk in comparison :)
We woke up the first morning to a snowy, foggy wonderland
and went for a (short) walk in it because we were all 3 freezing!!
Same thing over at my parent’s house! ^^
Snowy sleigh ride in Midway with Chase’s family ^^
Hello, horsie!
Pretty winter scene ^^
Fun to do this with the Rigby fam! ^^
It’s always fun to get these two little cousins together when we’re in town,

born just 2 days apart in July! It’s my sis in law Kenzie’s last and my first,
so we were happy to have at least one baby overlap!! Reagan + Gracie ♥
Reagan also had lots of bonding time with the closest cousin on the
Dunn side ^ darling Lydi! My sis-in-law Mindy is having another
baby boy in February too, so we’ll get him close in age also!!
Happiest girl to be in Utah! We were worried about how she would
do coming off that big trip and being so jet-lagged, but I swear she
knew we were in a good place with the best people because she was so
uncannily happy almost the entire trip — smiling and giggling with everyone :)
Cafe Rio the first night we arrived (Chase had to hold her hand down from
grabbing it…smart girl, knows the good stuff!) // Also, worked some of
that Rio off at Pilates with my sis-in-law Rach ^^ at the new CoreBody
Pilates in Foothill! My cute friend Steph is doing it, and darling Andrea
was doing free classes before the opening so we went and could barely
walk the next day… ha! I wish I lived here to go all the time!!
Poulson family Christmas party ^^ always so fun to
see all of the cousins and family at Grandma Ginny’s
famous party! Here are some of the girls, missing a few!!
…and some of the boys, also missing a few including
both of my brothers! Here’s hoping we’re all here next year.
Just look at this darling Grandma Ginny ^^ 

We got to meet my little cousin (basically little brother) Travie’s
girlfriend Lily, and good thing because a week later they got
ENGAGED! (And Chase got to help with that part!! :) Yay!

Tagg & Uncle Chase ^^
He is still the fun & playful uncle even though he has one of his own now :)
Girl talk while the boys built a log cabin ^^
It’s always too short with these friends, but adore Ashley & Ty.
We MISSED THEIR WEDDING this summer because it was
right before the baby was born and my doctor wouldn’t let
me travel, so seeing them was extra fun because since we
last saw each other, two pretty major life events have happened!
A marriage and a new baby. (I’ll still never be over missing that
wedding, but I guess Reagan was worth it ;) Love you Jensens!
Nothing better than introducing baby Rea to my best friends.
You can see she was pleased about it too :)

Amazing Midway ice castles in progress ^^

Fun with Lauren & Rach ^^
Searching for Santa at Trolley Square, but he had left so Chase filled in…haha
Market Street dinner with Gram and my Aunt Laurie!
4 generations, just missing my mom in this pic!
Winter storm warnings gave us the excuse to cuddle up inside!
Reagan meeting the Strongs…although she did also meet them from
the womb, as we traveled all through Italy together last spring :) ^^
A clear morning after the storm ^^
Reagan loved all the flirting and attention from Joey & Richie at the Beck’s house :)
Looking so cute on her great grandma Ann’s lap! 
The most creative little nativity my mother-in-law
made from a matchbox. She’s too creative!! ^^
We always have to drive by this crazy Christmas light house
in the Aves right above Chase’s parents house…haha!

^^ Sweet dinner with amazing friends at the Woods!
Future (tall) besties ^^ Lettie + Reagan!
Reagan and her Tempest aunties ^^
Skyline girls high school dinner we try to do each year! (Missed Abby and SJ!)
Haha most chaotic picture we took really fast, but had
to document all 3 of us high school friends having
baby girls within months of each other this year! YAY!
Pink Poinsettias at the SLC airport, and mani/pedi date with mother & sis-in-laws ^^
Haha! ^^ This little California girl is not used to being so bundled up…
she looked like Ralphie in her little snowsuit! (Thanks Kenz)
We had a sweet lunch with the Stanley family, in town from
Alabama. Chase met and baptized them on his mission,
and they have stayed so close ever since. Last time we
saw them was visiting them in Alabama when Chase and
I were dating 5 years ago! My how much has changed :)

New Christmas jammies from Mimi & Papa ^^

Chatting with cousin Grace! ^^Decorating Mindy’s amazing sugar cookies…Reagan looked
like a little sugar cookie herself in that jacket! :)
A stop at Swig, and favorite new little “r” necklace
that Ash gave me for Christmas! ♥
Always fun to spend time with Amanda and Landon, just down the street!
Reagan meeting our sweetest friend Laura! ^^
Baby meeting my Dad’s side of the family ^^ Jim&Jan, TD, Hannah and more
Dunn cousin fun with Lyds & Taggie…
Reagan + Rocky!  ^^
I couldn’t believe how happy it made me to see my baby girl
being held by cousins and family who hadn’t met her. So sweet.
My cousin Travie’s proposal was a fun way to end our time in Salt Lake!
He called Chase and my brother and had them come up the snowy
canyon to take pictures and be there after he asked. Chase caught this
sweet picture and we couldn’t be happier for them. Can’t wait for June!!
More cousin attention … it made us so happy seeing baby with her sweet cousins!
Rigby cousins on Christmas in their matching Burts Bees jammies!
Nothing quite as magical as a white Christmas!
(All the pictures from Christmas day are here

We’re so lucky that although my parents are living in Africa,
we have Chase’s parents & family in Salt Lake! They give
us such a nice place to stay, car to use, and fun things to do
together whenever we visit. Reagan loves her Mimi & Papa!
…and Great Grandma Ann, of course!
Well, Utah, you did it again.
Overload on photos, family, food, and fun.
We love you and we’ll be back in June!


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