Chase’s Business School Graduation!

Chase’s Business School Graduation!
Last month Chase graduated from IE BUSINESS SCHOOL in Spain!
I’m so proud of him for doing one of the top programs in Europe (and
anywhere, like you can see here..sorry, proud wife! :) We had lots of options
school, but this program fit into our life so well. It’s a great highly-ranked 
business school, and the part-time program allowed him to continue working
Google while completing it. It was a Global MBA that he could mostly
complete while we were living in Europe. We stayed in Madrid for his
first month of the program, then he would be back and forth and
completed the final semester from the U.S.A. This way, he was able
to have a lot of it paid for, still work during it, have flexibility, and
get it all done just after our baby was born. He already had a job that
he loves, so it was ideal to not have to leave for a traditional two year
business school in the States – but be able to complete it alongside work.
I’m glad because I didn’t want him to be in grad school as we had more kids,
etc. I’m so grateful we’ve both been able to get Master’s Degrees while also
working, and before kids (well, just a few months after for Chase :)
Most of all, baby Reagan and I were so happy to be there celebrating
him at his graduation in Madrid. At first we weren’t sure about
attending since it was far away for the baby, but we couldn’t have been
happier to be there. One of Chase’s classmates walked across the
stage with his little son at the start of the graduation, and right
then I knew I would have been so sad if we weren’t there. Chase
ran back into the crowd to grab Reagan, and carried her across the
stage as he got his diploma! It was the sweetest — and maybe
that counts as her having an MBA now too? ;) Love you, Chase!
You can see how she felt about getting her dad back on the weekends now! ^^
The ceremony was actually so cool, and they had the U.S.
Ambassador to Spain speaking! It live-streamed online
so our parents were up (early in the morning for them)
watching and cheering Chase on from afar!
Baby and I had to match for the occasion :) ^^
I picked out this dress for her & a matching peacoat
for me from darling Sail to Sable, and I think I’m hooked
on the matching thing…haha. So many people commented
on our little matching outfits and asked about them!
On the big screen, getting his diploma with baby girl ^^
I love this pic because you can see that the Dean was pinching
Reagan’s cheek as Chase walked off the stage — haha so cute!
Cutest grad + dad!
Blurry, but love this little moment ^^
Dad, stop embarrassing me ^^^
There was the nicest reception after with Spanish tapas,
and as much Manchego cheese as you could eat …
(which turned out to be a lot in my case :)
^^ A few of Chase’s great classmates after the ceremony!

Reagan wanted to hold his diploma ^^ :)
One of Chase’s graduation gifts was a Real Madrid jersey,
from my dad. So fitting after graduating in Madrid! ^^
We left the graduation, stopped by the campus one last time,
and then spent the rest of the day celebrating in Madrid!
IE Business School1

IE Business SchoolCelebrating at Donde Monica, a cute little favorite cafe
right around the corner from the school ^^

8a86fcfb845497868da1b3d91a6c1b74Thanks, IE for a great experience, and fitting into our lives so well!
Happy Graduation, Chase! We love you!


*See my grad school graduation here!

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