Reagan at 5 months

Reagan at 5 months

Baby’s 5th month was definitely her craziest yet — traveling
across 3 continents, 5 countries, and lots of time zones to visit
her grandparents in South Africa, see friends in Switzerland, and
go to Chase’s MBA graduation in Spain. Through all of this she changed
and grew and became even more fun. Here are the things I noted from it!

Dear 5-month old baby girl…
♥♥ From the very start of this month you have loved grabbing your feet and toes!

♥♥ Everyone comments on your blue eyes when they see you in person.

♥♥ Your hair is so blonde and getting long on top and in the back! You even have one strand that comes down over your forehead. Too cute!

♥♥ A few people while traveling this month have seen you and said, “What a little Nordic babe!”

♥♥ You are happy and will go to anyone who wants to hold you. You also love to stare deep into people’s eyes and not look away! People say you are staring into their soul :)

♥♥ You roll from stomach to back really well, and try hard from back to stomach! You’ve done it a few times and are always moving around. If I leave you on a blanket on the ground and come back a few minutes later, you have totally changed position and the way you are facing!

♥♥ When you’re on your belly you’ve started scrunching your legs up like you’re about to crawl– it is crazy! Stop growing up!

♥♥ In your carseat or laying flat, you have started to “crunch” up into almost a sitting position from your back. Haha it’s so funny. Talk about a strong core, baby girl! You also love to go the opposite way and arch your back when you don’t want to be in the carseat anymore :)

♥♥ You love to nurse but you get distracted more easily and look up at me and around with a big smile before going back to eating.

♥♥ You discovered your tongue this month and are always sticking it out in the cutest way.

♥♥ You reach for and hold anything put in front of you. You’re so curious and interested in everything around you!

♥♥ You became even more smart and aware this month. You take in your surroundings in the cutest way which was even more noticeable seeing you travel all around the world through 3 new continents this month!

♥♥ You LOVE snapchat filters and they always calm you down. Your favorite is the black and white sunglasses with a rap song…you could be hysterical and I turn that on and you just stare at it silently. Hilarious! You also love Hamilton Musical songs– “My Shot” always calms you down too!

♥♥ You love to look at books and have started to open yours up on your own like you’re reading them, which is so cute.

♥♥ You smile and laugh so much more often now and there are certain things that will always make you giggle and smile. Some examples: neck kisses, feet kisses, peek-a-boo in the stroller, bed flops, and basically just seeing your Papa Bear’s face (he’s so good with babies haha, it was hard to say goodbye because she loved being with him sooo much!!)

♥♥ You proved to be a very flexible little babe as we took you across 3 continents and 5 countries this month. It wasn’t always easy but you were sweet and the time with loved ones made it all worth it!

And a few favorite moments of the month captured in photos:

Stopping to smell the flowers in South Africa with grandma Linny ^^
All smiles all the time lately! (Even while jet lagged)
My little girlfriend, hanging around the house ^^
Baby got her shots at the beginning of her fifth month…
it was sad, but I loved that she had her dad to hold on to!
I love this little darling ^^

This little one stares into your soul, I tell you!
Pretty much everyone who sees her says this.
Lots of playing + lots of snoozing this month!
^^ That little joovy spoon is her favorite spot to hang out.

What a jet lagged baby looks like ^^ :)
I loved that she fell asleep with the giraffe in her mouth!

Strawberries + hearts for our little squeezy ^^
Early teething may be starting, because she will chomp on
anything and everything…including her toes! Cutest! ^^

Watching her splash and twirl in the otteroo is the highlight of any day ^^
Couldn’t be sweeter ^^
From Thanksgiving to Christmas celebrations, all in one month! ^^
This happy girl got back on schedule from our NYC trip and I let her
cry it out for about 10 minutes in the middle of the night. She stopped
crying and I was so glad she fell asleep, until I checked the Nest cam
and she was just STARING like…”Aren’t you coming to get me??” Ha!

She loved and used this swing more than ever this month!
She tapped her feet so fast in it we joked she was doing an Irish jig!

Pretty in pink!
Again, her definite favorite place to be — the tub!
Perfecting the side paddle- haha!

Long torso & long legs ^^
Ice cream toy + sticking out her tongue = 2 of her current faves
Cuddles with dad in the colder weather!
Love this curious, happy, & adventurous 5-month old.
We are lucky to witness her grow and change each day!


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