Touring Monticello

Touring Monticello

was obviously a must-visit during our Charlottesville stop.

img_5653It is the beautiful and historic home of Thomas Jefferson. 
We spent a morning up on the mountain touring the house
and property, learning so much more about our third President.
img_1531^^ We had plenty of historical options before us in Charlottesville.
We wanted to make it to Montpelier as well, but the extra drive
ended up being a little too long so we stuck with Monticello.

img_5632^^ 3 tickets for our party of 3!
img_5633The views from the mountain are beautiful looking down on
Charlottesville and even UVA campus (which Jefferson designed)
img_5635The front of the house ^^
img_5641Cute Monticello visitor ^^ She slept through the whole
house tour 
and woke up once we were outside. Good girl!
monticello2Teaching her young to love history :)
img_5667Just a little mad because we made her take
picture before eating :) haha this face! ^^
img_5678img_5675img_5683It was so interesting to walk the property after and see all
of the clever little inventions Jefferson added to the property.
I had no idea he was not only a political genius, but an
architectural one as well! He was such a student of life, always
learning and innovating any chance he could…languages,
literature, design, religion, you name it. He reminds me of Chase!
img_5685monticello6Baby and I took a scenic nursing break while Chase chatted with TJ ;)
img_5673img_5695After the main house grounds we walked the path down
through the cemetery where Jefferson is buried.
monticello3Jefferson’s grave ^^ He died on the 4th of July, exactly
50 years after writing the Declaration of Independence.
It was really so inspiring and powerful to realize what
this man did for our country and how inspired he was.
We are lucky to enjoy those rights and freedoms today!
img_5694This is still a family cemetery where relatives of Jefferson are buried.
I loved these two cute headstones…”A Perfect Gentleman,” “A Talented Lady”

img_5696Such a beautiful walk down to the bottom ^^
img_5697img_5784After going back in time at Monticello, we continued our journey
back in time for lunch afterwards at the historic Michie Tavern,
dating from 1784. It’s just below Monticello and has been a tavern
for 200+ years. It’s been restored for visitors to experience the
same food and hospitality that was offered back then! We bellied
up to a buffet of southern fried chicken, baked chicken, hickory-
smoked pork barbecue, stewed tomatoes, black-eyed peas, buttermilk
biscuits, peach cobbler, the WORKS. It was quite a treat (literally!)

img_5789img_5791img_5792Homemade apple cider ^^
…and peach cobbler! Always the best.
img_5795After lunch we stopped into the historic store filled with
lots of fun gifts and old-fashioned kettle-cooked candy.

img_5797Then it was time for a tour from this darling docent ^^
monticello8^^ Loved these ladies and our step back in time!
img_5805If you visit Charlottesville, add Monticello, Michie’s Tavern,
and Carter Mountain Orchard to the list. They are all right by
each other and make for a fun, history-filled, delicious day!


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