A November to Remember

A November to Remember

What a November to remember!
A crazy election, best World Series, our baby blessing +
family coming in town for it, more trips with baby, and
the start of the holidays. We could barely catch our breath this
month (and it’s ending with a bang leaving the country & heading
back straight into the holidays) but we loved every hectic second of it.
This should probably be split into a few posts, but no time – so lots of pics!
img_6471Travel with baby is a whole new adventure, but it is so sweet to have her along.
img_1933Planning for Reagan’s little blessing was so much fun this month ^^
img_1931Getting my brother Brady & Mindy in town for the blessing
was such a bonus! They were so sweet to come out for it.
nov-lately24Chase’s parents also came which meant so much to us.
They were so helpful with pulling things together, as always!
img_2009Shelley found Reagan’s blessing dress and gave it to me when I
was pregnant with her, and my amazing sis-in-law Mindy altered
it a little to make it special for Reagan. Lucky girl to have them both!!
nov-lately25Lots of love surrounding the blessing, including the all-time
cutest package from the best friend Ash. Even though we
didn’t have all of our friends and family from home at the
blessing, we felt their love so much and loved the family
who came out and friends from here who supported Rea!
nov-lately-copyBrady and Mindy made such a fun little trip out of their visit
which was perfect since they have a baby boy on the way soon
and they deserved a little getaway before adding kiddo #3!
img_1994nov-lately6Reagan loves her Aunt Mindy & Uncle Brady!
nov-lately15…and her sweet Mimi + Papa. This was their
second visit out to see us this fall alone!
Perks of being the only grandchild to live away :)
nov-lately18Dinner at our favorite Los Altos Grill with family the night
before the blessing. Blake & Shel were so nice to treat!!
nov-lately26And our tradition with Brady and Mindy each
time they visit: It’s-Its and a movie night!
img_1701Chase made it home to SLC to be at his nephew Will’s baptism.
Will asked him to speak at it which was the cutest thing, so
we were happy it worked out for him to make it there!
nov-lately28A long 6-hour flight to NYC to see Abby and Jane this month!
nov-lately29She is turning into a flexible little flyer! All of her flights
have gone really smooth with the exception of our return
flight from NYC –> SFO. It was delayed 5 hours on the
tarmac at JFK after a busy and tiring few days in the
city, and baby girl lost it. I’m talking screaming for like
2 hours of the flight …it was traumatizing! But I tell
myself that it’s good to keep her (and us) flexible..ha.
With the delay, our travel day was 12 hrs door to door.

nyc3Love the Big Apple, but it was a little bit rough on us this time ;)
nyc8It made it all worth it to get these little second cousins together though!
nyc13Rainy city walks with baby Rea ^^
nyc7Still not over those views! ^^
thanksgiving1Thanksgiving prep ^^ My favorite stuffing, and a…
thanksgivingSweet potato pie! So yum ^^
nov-lately33Gatherings with friends ^^ Reagan gets loved on by our cutest
friends and neighbors Lucy & Mae who I hope she is just like one
day…and I hope she marries Owen :) We love the Alders!
img_2460I still can’t get over this pretty Friendsgiving
spread with some of our favorite people in CA!

thanksgiving19Lots of post-Thanksgiving hikes as well as leftovers ^^
img_2421My girl! 
nov-lately2Beautiful views from runs lately. If I get up in time,
Chase will watch the baby while I go on a run before work! ^^

nov-lately1A day-after Thanksgiving healthy smoothie ^^
(Kinda…it did have peanut butter in it ;)

nov-lately3I drove by our first apartment in the Bay the other day…
still as cute as ever! And, salads galore happening daily.

nov-lately4We watched the World Series with our favorites Dusty & Kendall.
We always watch baseball with them, and Reagan joined this year!

img_1975The most gorgeous vineyard we walk by all the time in Los Altos ^^
nov-lately5Pretty crosswalks and my favorite view ^^
nov-lately7My cute growing girl, reading her favorite book! ^^
nov-lately8^^ Added to my globe collection when I saw this darling floral design one.
nov-lately10Lots of fun gatherings this month! ^^
nov-lately11Visiting dad at work, and riding up and down on his standing desk :)
nov-lately12Sweetest little companion anywhere we go, from Costco to hiking ^^
nov-lately14The best part of every day! ^^nov-lately20This is where you can find Reagan often! ^^ In her little “desk” :)
She seriously loves this little Joovy Spoon thing!
nov-lately21Election Day began with voting in California, then we
hopped on a flight and it ended in NYC right by Trump Tower.
Still so shocked, but glad that things have moved on and so far
President-elect has been pretty different from his candidate self.
Hoping he surprises us as much as president as he did with the election!

nov-lately22nov-lately34We interviewed the darling primary kids at church for a video for the
Christmas party coming up. Their answers about Christmas were so sweet!
nov-lately23We celebrated FIVE YEARS since getting engaged this month!
I loved thinking of all that has happened in those 5 years.

nov-lately27A few sushi order-in nights + some amazing sunsets this month ^^nov-lately31 There is nothing better than a father-daughter bond. Reagan agrees!
nov-lately36California in November is perfect.
nov-lately37^^ Finally tried out Pressed Juicery freezes and I’m the biggest fan
nov-lately38We had to read our NYC book after returning from that trip,
and snuggle lots as we caught up on sleep ^^ The best!

nov-lately39My husband knows the way to my heart ^^
(Through sweets…and any food at all really :)

nov-lately40Love the weather lately! Cozy, some rain,
but still lots of nice days for walking.

nov-lately41Chill weekends in between trips =
family gym time + game nights with friends.
nov-lately43November brought shots for baby girl at her 4 month appointment.
Sooo dang sad (I put it on snap :) but her dad was there to hold her hand!
img_6477November was very full (as you can tell by all the photos – sorry!!)
Now Reagan and I are in South Africa on this last day of the
month (if you saw that surprise HERE) and gearing up for
a crazy, full, fun December. Hope we have energy for it all!


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  • Looks like such a busy, fun-filled month! Love how you take your cute baby on all of your adventures! I saw the video of you surprising your dad and it was so, so sweet.

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