Halloween 2016!

Halloween 2016!

Halloween is always so fun to dress up, but a little one made
it even better this year! I have to admit we were not on our
A-game with a clever costume like in years past since we got
back from our Virginia trip the night before, but we still pulled
it together and had fun. I had so many ideas but we ended up
keeping it simple and going as a little safari family. We did find
out that I was pregnant while on safari in South Africa last year,
so it only seemed fitting to dress the part this year. Baby had a
lion and elephant costume so she wore one to each party we
had! (Thanks to Shel for helping us find them!) I think each
year from now on we might have to theme our costume off
places we’ve been that year…it could be a fun little tradition!
img_1834img_6130This safari guide spotted the rarest, cutest lion cub of them all ^^
halloween-20162^^ Those short shorts on Chase…haha!
halloween-20164Cutest costume award went to our friends the Alders! ^^
Nailed the Wizard of Oz.
halloween-20165Nothing better than a good family costumes!
Loved all of our friends themes this year.
img_6129img_1723Matching baby lions, Reagan + Owen!
(We can show this to them when they are dating someday ;)
halloween-2016 Elephant one night, lion the next…and a little unsure about both!
halloween-20166 Doughnut + hot chocolate party on Halloween night at the Lyons!
img_1841 img_1839Sweetest little ele ^^
Happy Halloween!! So excited for the holidays ahead.


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