life lately: end of summer

life lately: end of summer

Summer has come to an end…
(though does it ever truly end in California?)
Between baby and the last days of summer, time
has flown by and we’ve soaked it up before fall begins.

img_4407Little Parisian baby bums ^^
end-of-summer-life-lately4Breakfast dates in Sunnyvale ^^
img_4429I’m definitely the third wheel now on our dates …
and I’m definitely fine with it ;)
end-of-summer-life-lately6Touches of fall ^^ and the yummiest coconut
chicken curry
 recipe from my mom ^^
img_4460Love these striped baby legs ^^

end-of-summer-life-latelyOne Friday night 2 weeks ago, Chase and I were sitting
on the couch watching a show when there was a knock
on the door at 10pm. I had just showered and was in a robe,
but Chase was holding Reagan so I answered the door…to
see my brother standing there! He lives in Salt Lake so it was
quite a surprise to see him :) He had last minute business out by
us…so he surprised us, saw Reagan again, and hung out for the night!
end-of-summer-life-lately14First UTAH football game of the season!! ^^^
Our tiny Ute was so cute watching the game with us,
and nothing makes us happier than college football season!
img_9418We ordered so much tiny Ute gear for her — couldn’t resist!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
We keep getting out as the three of us to
try some more good new food nearby.
This one was Tava Kitchen, an Indian food
fusion blended with fresh Californian cuisine.

end-of-summer-life-lately1Just my type of Indian food ^^ So unique + fresh! 
end-of-summer-life-lately3^^ Again, the cutest dates
end-of-summer-life-lately12Walks and hikes in the perfect fall weather ^^
end-of-summer-life-lately7I grabbed a bag of these figgy pops at Costco and
they’re delish! I love having some healthy treats around
so it inspired me to make my old favorite breakfast cookies.

end-of-summer-life-lately2 Eating well with our good friends the Hammels..
Tammi was so full the other night she had to lay down, ha!

end-of-summer-life-lately8 Just an idea of the random food combos as of late.
Forget pregnancy cravings, I’ve been WAY more
hungry // full of cravings now nursing! Sushi + peaches
and my homemade banana bread doughnuts with nutella glaze.
end-of-summer-life-lately13Chase has been taking baby on walks after work so I can
run or go to the gym, and I love the artsy pictures he sends me ;)

end-of-summer-life-lately11 Colorful fall foods in our kitchen ^^Processed with VSCO with f2 presetTwo cuties before church ^^
img_9463Got these sweet little birth announcements sent out in August
thanks to TinyPrints and LittleMeg Photography!
img_9523 Last but not least, we’re ending summer down in
Southern California on our first trip with baby girl!
We had a successful easy flight down here, and it’s
been so nice and relaxing to have a fun trip over
Labor Day to kiss summer goodbye and welcome fall.