fourth anniversary

fourth anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated FOUR years being married!
I’ve loved each year more and I have a feeling our little
one on the way will make the next one even better. FullSizeRender-1As per tradition, it was my year to plan our celebration and I did my only
talent == writing cheesy poems and creating a little scavenger hunt to go
along with it! (You can see my last one from our 2 year anni here) Since we
have a lot going on right now with moving, Chase’s new role, MBA, and
getting everything ready for baby I kept it simple, but did some little poems +
clues after work for our date! Chase is a good sport and it ended up being fun.
fourth anniversaryI picked him up and the first clue led to our storage unit with all of our
just patiently waiting to move into our new place (10 more days!!) He did get a bit confused and think we were taking out the RV for a road trip, which now I think about it, could have been a good plan B. We keep our RV in rv storage Colorado way, so when arriving at the storage unit, he did think I was about to take him out in that! I think I might save that idea for next time though….
I already got
the key, so from there we took a detour to the new place which is
under renovation,
but we got to walk through it empty and see the kitchen
counters being replaced… so
that was exciting! His next clue sent us to …
fourth anniversary1Pedicures! I figured since we walked thousands of miles across the
world the past year, our feet deserved some love. Chase secretly loves
pedicures but always makes this face ^^ during the cleaning part :)

fourth anniversary2I should have worn sandals to show off my fresh pedi, but had to
wear my wedding shoes instead (I found them in our storage unit haha!)
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetClues continue! ^^ He was patient reading all of these after a long day of work.
fourth anniversary5…Especially considering that his gift to me had been a prenatal massage!
The first thing in the morning Chase had surprised me with an at-home
masseuse knocking on our door (from one of the Bay Area startup apps)
It was amazing and more needed than I realized. Such a good gift. I got my
other gift at our next stop, World Market! We picked out some favorite European
treats and I got this gorgeous gold globe. We finally got to the dinner clue, where he
had a choice of some different cuisines we’ve loved abroad the past year from Greek
to Turkish to Italian. He is smart and chose Italian right by our new place at ………..
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetDoppio Zero on Castro Street!

fourth anniversary4 Our kind of celebratory meal :)

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetWe opened simple gifts … I got him a map of Amsterdam, a new wallet
(which he desperately needed – he’s been carrying his cards around loose),
a photo book of our past year, and concert tickets at gorgeous Mountain Winery!
He gets to pick the concert…and it will depend on timing of baby too :)
FullSizeRender-2Chase always writes the sweetest notes EVER
(you can see a tiny part of it here) …..

chase noteWith his note this year he included a trip back East
this fall to visit family, see his birthplace, and explore with baby!
fourth anniversary3We ended the night with an old favorite- Yogurtland.

It tasted better than ever after a year away from froyo :)
As we were falling asleep last night Chase asked me to name
four things I love about him. I was so tired and asked “why 4?”
not thinking it was our anniversary number…haha! We both
listed 4 unique things we loved about each other and fell asleep.
It was a simple but sweet night celebrating a pretty epic year!

Can’t wait for all of the rest to come. I love you Chase T.!

*See last year’s celebration here, all past
anniversaries HERE, and our wedding here.


PS **I found and loved this quote so I put it with his card:

“Loving you is like reading my favorite book. It doesn’t matter how many times
I’ve read it. It doesn’t matter that I’ve underlined so much that the pages are
starting to get thin. It doesn’t matter that I’ve read it too many times to count.
Because every time when I thought that I’ve gotten everything out of that book
that I possibly could, I still find myself underlining, highlighting, and finding
new things to love each time I pick it up. That’s what it’s like to love you. I could
read you over, and over again until I could recite the words written in your soul.
Until your pages grow thin and your bindings start to come undone. I could pick
you up and read you cover to cover for the rest of my life and never close you.
And despite knowing that there are millions of other books out there, your
pages and your words are the only ones my heart has the desire to read.”

– Tanner Shindeldecker