Biking around the new neighborhood!

Biking around the new neighborhood!
It’s been a little quiet on the blog the past week as we’ve been
and renovations on our new place, we finally got our keys,
gathered everything in our storage unit, loaded up a UHAUL,
and have been moving in! It’s been so fun to rediscover all of
our things that were packed away during our year abroad –
clothes, kitchen items, books…so many things I had forgotten!
It feels amazing and I will share some fun details of our apartment
soon (including the NURSERY :)…but for now, something I’m so
excited about: a new bike to explore the neighborhood with! I’ve
partnered up with darling Brilliant Bicycle Co. to try out one of
their darling Mayfair bikes in the cutest of colors. After living in
Amsterdam I fell in love with this fun style of bike, and now we live
in a more flat part of the Bay so I plan to take it all over…with baby in
tow once she’s big enough! We went out for a first bike ride after church
today just around the neighborhood and snapped some pictures because
it is just too dang cute! The best part is that this bike (in any color or size)
is $100 off with my code EMIxMAYFAIR. Such a good deal!

IMG_3667These cute bikes are hand­crafted but not nearly as expensive as most others I looked into!
This Mayfair style puts a contemporary spin on the classic European cruiser, which is
why I liked it so much. It’s just for leisure riding, which is perfect for me right now.
biking the neighborhood1The bike shipped in a cute mint box, and Chase put it together while
I enjoyed some ice cream ;) They have easy instructions in a video online,
so I could have done it, but I played the pregnancy card and sat back & relaxed.

IMG_3662I’ve been walking & hiking a lot this last part of pregnancy which feels good,
but getting on the bike for a little pedal is a nice break once in a while.
IMG_3670 Just the bump & I waiting at the light!
IMG_3682IMG_3690Bumpin’ along on the bike ^^
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
IMG_3692How cute are the colors and accents? I had a hard time
choosing a color because there are such good options ^^IMG_3687 I loved my maiden voyage on the new bike, and can’t wait to ride it
all over the Bay with little baby girl + Chase. Brilliant was the perfect
place to find my bike and I’m glad I can show how great they are.
Expect to see this cute bike in lots of photos from here on out!

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