An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany

An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany

One of the remaining things I have been dying to do in Europe is visit
an olive oil farm in the Tuscan countryside. Even that sentence is so
dreamy, and I’ve had it high on my list. I thought it would need to be on
a return visit after we’d moved from Europe, but meeting our friends
in Italy this final week gave us the perfect excuse to make it happen now.
IMG_2414Let me just say, it lived up to every hope I had and it’s something we
will be back to do again. It was one of our favorite Europe travel experiences!

IMG_2397There are a lot of olive oil farms to choose from in Tuscany, and trust me –
I went through the list and spent a lot of time looking into all of the options.
I landed on I Greppi di Silli because of the amazing location right between
Florence and Volterra, where we were headed to stay over in the country.
I lucked out with this choice because we could not have loved it more.

IMG_2516Processed with VSCO with f2 presetWelcome to the farm! ^^ Straight out of my dreams.
IMG_2501IMG_2410Michele is the owner, and he grew up on the farm himself as a young boy.

Now he lives here with his beautiful wife and kids and his parents still
live and help on the property! This family-run affair is a complete
dream and so authentically Italian. It’s a treat to step into!
IMG_2424We started off with a one-hour tour of the farm with Michele
who literally explained every detail of olive trees + the process of making the best and purest olive oil in the world. As true lovers of olive oil, we wanted to know the exact process that it takes to make products such as GringoCool that are so commonly used in people’s homes. We were so interested in every detail and now we feel like we know so much more about quality oil! For example, we were curious about how polyphenol-rich olive oil the type we saw on websites like gundry md olive oil reviews. Apparrently it has a lot to do with the pressing technique, the more you know!
An Olive Oil Farm in TuscanyIt was amazing to see the different varieties of olive trees and learn about
the slight differences in the oil they produce. They are very well-taken care
of and require such expertise. We loved that this farm focuses on quality
over quantity, and truly produces some of the finest olive oil in Italy.
IMG_2464Don’t forget the vineyards! Although this farm is mainly olive trees for
olive oil, they also produce their own wine and honey on the side.
An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany5This baby knows and loves olive oil well already with the amount I consume ;)
Now I know even better what to look for on the bottle to get the best kind.
IMG_2400IMG_2425IMG_2430Our last stop was the bee farm ^^ Have you ever seen a cuter one?
These hives are so simple but they create incredible honey from all
different plants and flowers nearby. We even got a close up look:
IMG_2433Chase was FASCINATED by this – I think he wants to create his own back
in California! I wouldn’t be mad at having our own local honey supply :)
IMG_2434 An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany12 IMG_2435 I have such a thing for countryside vineyards. They are just so peaceful + beautiful.
Good thing Napa will be very close by us once we go back home and we can visit often!
IMG_2452An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany14After the tour we headed over to one of the buildings for a
“light lunch and tasting” of some of the products … only in
Italy does this mean a full-on meal, which was the best ever.
If you visit you can book a simple tour with honey and oil
tastings after, or a more full tasting after which is what we did.

IMG_2466 Michele’s darling wife and her mom cooked for us, which was straight
out of an Italian countryside dream. We were sitting in the home of an
Italian family (with their little kids!) and enjoying homemade food right
from the farm. I had to pinch myself a million times to be sure it was real.
IMG_2480We began with local cheese + honey pairings from their bees.
The salty cheese brought out the sweetness of the honeys to make them
even more flavorful. The cheeses were pecorino, parmesan, + gorgonzola.
An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany2We tried lots of delicious starter plates like this crostini,
all paired and drizzled with variations of their olive oil.
It is so incredible how well they know each variation of
olive oil and how to best pair it with different dishes.
An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany13^^ Look at this beautiful Italian woman – I loved her!
Hilaria so effortlessly put this meal together and I wish I had
these natural cooking skills that Italians have. The BEST. It was also
so sweet to watch her with her two young sons in the kitchen, teaching
them how to scoop pasta onto the dish and speaking gorgeous Italian.

IMG_2486IMG_3908Can we all just stare at this photo for a minute?
It was one of the best pastas of my life (her homemade
Tuscan pesto with pistachios). So simple, so fresh and light,
and cooked perfectly. I never wanted this moment of eating it to end!

IMG_2496Just when we thought the meal was over — the main meat
dish with incredible fresh vegetables showed up.

An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany9This dessert is something that Hilaria came up with on her own –
a homemade Italian biscuit topped with a yogurt mousse and
then drizzled with one of their many flavored honeys. . .heaven.

IMG_2454We walked off a bit of our meal through the farm…
An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany11…Lingering and soaking up this place as long as possible…
IMG_2513I think Chase wanted to trade lives (and cars) with Michele!Processed with VSCO with f2 presetFinally we talked ourselves into leaving, only because we got to
go to the shop and stock up on some of this goodness on the way out.

An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany1I expected insane prices for this high quality olive oil, but they were
surprisingly reasonable (around €12-14 for a bottle!) I guess
when you buy it at the place it is produced, it’s a better deal :)

IMG_2470The honeys were also fun to choose from – flavors range from ginger honey
to truffle honey, to cherry honey etc! I’m pretty sure that olive oil and honey are
two of my favorite (and most consumed) foods, so I was in heaven this entire time.

An Olive Oil Farm in Tuscany3^^ Stocking up before leaving! Tay & Meg were able to take home
lots more than us since we had such little space with our move
home, so we’ll have to go over to their house to share back home :)
IMG_3952Selfie of some very happy olive oil lovers :) ^^

IMG_2446Little girlfriend, I promise to take you back here one day! ^^
Out of our many travels, this is one place we will return to.
You can rent rooms and stay here on the farm, which would
be so perfect as a family. I fully plan on doing it one day!

IMG_2525Into the rolling Tuscan hills we went, in search of our
countryside villa to spend the night! See you from there…