before baby bucket list

before baby bucket list

i found this in my endless folders of drafts, and i had typed it up our first or second year of marriage. it’s a list of fun things i had hoped to do just chase and i before we took the next step and started a family! it’s crazy to me that now here we are, expecting a little one in 5 months. this list is more to make/have before you even think about being pregnant, but I still wanted to share it today!

i actually thought it would be good to share because it shows that not everything is lined up perfectly like I’d pictured before baby. we are definitely prepared financially (student loans refinanced or paid off, no major credit card debt), emotionally, and with all of the most important things… but in a lot of little ways this is still a leap of faith! I am such a planner and with mostly all other major steps in my life, I’ve felt like things were neatly put into place and ready to go before I made a leap (like getting married, moving away, taking new jobs, etc). I’ve always had a process and things i “needed to do” before having children. I needed to get a handle on my finances, on my student loans or other matters. I needed to get married, and have a stable family situation. Once all of this was sorted out, then this step could finally happen.

Well here we are preparing for the biggest step of our lives, and it’s good for me to find this list and remember we aren’t always in control of life. when we decided to try to get pregnant, I knew that there were some unknowns. we are living all over the world this year, for goodness sake! I didn’t know how long it would take us, etc…so it didn’t feel real to me. once we did find out I knew it was 100% the right thing for us, but I couldn’t help my mind from feeling scared/stressed about where we were living, how we didn’t know where we’d be, how my parents live halfway around the world, how we’d have doctor’s appointments in all different countries, and we’d have to decide where to settle and have the baby. (a huge decision!!) it is a strange feeling to not know the exact place we will live when we have it, although now at least we are getting close to deciding on that – phew! I always thought by the time I considered a baby we’d own our dream home, live back by our families, and have everything completely in place… haha but that isn’t the case with the adventure abroad we’ve taken! so I won’t have my perfect dream home yet, but we will find somewhere great and it will be an adventure – like it always has been! We may need to check out a right to buy calculator first to see if we can make the transition to homebuyers in the best financial way.

So I’m sharing my list to be able to laugh at myself and be proud that I’ve taken a leap and let go of some of the smaller items. luckily, a lot of them HAVE been completed, and they were the most important to me…like living it up, traveling the world, etc. I could not ask for more in terms of what we’ve been able to do together before starting a family. we’ve definitely made the most of our four years of marriage before the baby comes, and for that reason, I can be okay with having a few things different. I will have so little control over my life once the baby comes, so I better get used to it now! ;) there are also a few items that we still want to do these next few months, so this was fun to find! I’ve checked off the things we have done. I know it’s different for everyone, so I’d love to hear anyone else’s ideas for what to do before baby/pregnancy!

° T R A V E L far and wide ? – especially places far away that are hard to visit later with kids: china ?, india ?, thailand, africa ?, eastern europe ?, australia.
° buy a dream car
(don’t even own one right now -haha!)
° buy a house (I’ve been looking at house plans on websites like and I think I’ve decided which layout I want. It’s all so exciting!)
° cross country road trip (i keep telling chase we should do this with the baby..ha!)
° establish careers ?
° be spontaneous ?
° go to the movie theatre and have a movie marathon
° organize/declutter/renovate/prepare for all things baby!
° save XX amount of money (our own personal number) and zero debt ?

° go out on weeknights with friends as often as possible ?
° live away in a big city ?
° run a marathon together ?
° finish master’s degrees
?* (i did, and chase will finish his MBA just 6 months after the babe is born!)
° take a cruise together ?
° get bikes ?
° live abroad ?
° go camping in yosemite ?
° take a cooking class together ?
° go to a crazy concert together ?
° bungee jump!! chase has, now it’s too late since i’m pregnant!!!!
° take lots of fun trips with friends ?
° dress up ?

° learn how to cook lots of good staple meals ?
° develop a hobby together ?

° backpack europe ?
° get a DOG
° do a big trip with each of our parents ?

° make a list of fancier restaurants to try- and try them! ?
° fly first class
° sleep in/ nap as often as possible before we can’t :) ?

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“goodbye, carefree life!”^^^
haha, just kidding.

obviously i don’t think life is over once you have a baby … it just changes a lot
(i think for the better)! so these were some fun ideas to do while young and
married and i hope we keep adding items and crossing them off. the best of all
will be things to do WITH baby! i’m definitely working on that bucket list now :)


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