arriving to amsterdam

arriving to amsterdam

we are back in amsterdam and ready to start our new chapter here
after spending the holidays in south africa with my parents.
IMG_7655^^ we made it!!
even though chase had our new apartment all rented and ready
to go, i had booked a hotel for our first night back over new years
before that – just to have a nice landing in the city in case we hadn’t
found housing yet! well since we couldn’t cancel it, we decided to use
it! after a long flight from south africa (and through kenya) we dropped
our luggage at our new apartment and then headed to the victoria hotel.

chase thought i was crazy for still wanting to use our hotel night, but it ended
up being so nice after lots of travel to just be in a great hotel and relax
before unpacking and setting up our apartment the next day. it was so
lovely and for anyone coming to amsterdam – this was a great hotel
steps away from central station so we were fans! here are some photos
of our first night here…along with amazing dinner at 5&33!
IMG_3616 IMG_3617view of central station from our window ^^
IMG_3623a cozy fire was so welcoming as we adjusted from
african summer to european winter. brrr!
IMG_3624^^ how he looks so good after 30 hours of travel is beyond me.
no photo of me because i look like i’d been hit by a bus! ;)
IMG_3626yummiest restaurant that our hotel recommended.
it’s just around the corner from the victoria!
IMG_3630the charcuterie board. come here for this! trust me!!!
IMG_3631truffle pasta ^^ flavorful, but a bit too strong for me
coming straight off so much travel.

IMG_3635^^ it sure looks pretty!
IMG_3636and, more pasta ordered by me. we were in the mood for warm comfort food :)
after our meal we ran back to our hotel in the rain to cozy up and get LOTS
of sleep after not sleeping for 30 hours on our long flights.
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after sleeping for about 10 hours, we woke up early the next morning
to take in our new city. chase headed to his office and i walked to our
apartment, still pinching myself that we get to live here for a bit!!
updates soon on our place!