the best view in johannesburg

the best view in johannesburg

the best view in all of johannesburg with the
best company possible is found at the westcliff
four seasons high up on a hill looking over the city.
i got to have a lunch date here with my parents
before chase arrived, and it was one of my
favorite memories with them in their city!
IMG_1606i will never pass up a daddy-daughter date :)
even better that my mom was there too,
just the one taking this picture of us.

best view in johannesburg1we wandered the property before lunch and i was
in love with the pretty setting and decor here.
i’ve never seen any place like this in joburg!
best view in johannesburg4
best view in johannesburg3snazzy dad ^^
IMG_1623we took the “footlink” up to the restaurant..
(much better name for a sidewalk, don’t you think?)

IMG_1575^^ we sat outside at flames and started with warm foccacia
IMG_1587we ordered a slew of appetizers which turned out
to be the best parts of the meal for us! i’d recommend
going to flames for a late lunch and ordering a few
appetizers for the meal. beautiful setting and great food!

IMG_1577IMG_1592 IMG_1583 IMG_1593my dad went for the peri-peri chicken pizza on the
thinnest cracker crust. it was a bit different, but fun to try.

IMG_1595i had the korean bbq ribs which are slow cooked
for so long that the meat practically falls off the
bones. the flavor is amazing and i always love these.

IMG_1596our favorite main dish was the bechamel mushroom pasta.
it was very rich and decadent, but oh-so-delicious. 

IMG_1598 IMG_1600best view in johannesburg6another memorable day in joburg! we had gone
to the temple just before, and this is right nearby!

IMG_1602we finished off with a steamed milk rooibos
(an absolute MUST in south africa).

IMG_1603..and, a rhubarb tart.. i’ll never say no to anything involving rhubarb.
IMG_1608i adore these two. also, my dad only wears green ties
(yes, it’s a thing…) but in this case he is matching the background!

after all of that food we decided to do something fun since it was
my parents’ p-day off…so of course we went mountain biking on a farm!
IMG_1576 (1)i look real happy to be in the 100 degree heat biking ;) haha
i did love it, but my parents are not easy to keep up with!
IMG_1585 (1)
IMG_1588fun memories together!
best view in johannesburgafter we got one more steamed milk rooibos and of course
linny got an ice cream cone. her very favorite thing :)

i am bottling up all of these memories and times together
since they are very rare during these 3 years that they are here!