south africa visit 2015

south africa visit 2015
as we flew back to europe from south africa i could not stop thinking about the AMAZING time we had together with my parents visiting their mission. we got plenty of time and truly integrated into their lives there for over a month.

we will never be able to re-create such a special and memorable time as what we had, and we feel so lucky to have been with them day in and day out and experienced the true mission + south african life thanks to them. it was a dream and it will fill us up through the next half of their mission! we are glad we were there for the halfway point of their 3 years. a year and a half down, & now a year and a half to go.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

some highlights that i want to remember::
•• living in the mission home for a month: being there for the comings and goings, chaos, sweet moments, and many many meals.
•• endless mangoes and ping pong matches
•• playing with baby lions at the lion park (always a highlight!!)
•• participating in the mission – going out to appointments with investigators, chase presenting at MLC, and so much more. this was the complete highlight and i’m pretty sure chase wishes he was on his mission again! (and i wish i could go on one!) 

•• watching the utah – BYU game together in the middle of the night in africa!
•• fun nights playing jokers and marbles together
•• escaping to sun city
•• safaris and kruger drives
•• dinners + braais with all of the amazing south african people and friends of my parents
•• temple trips + bike rides
•• AMAZING mangawani spa day with my mom in the bush.
•• chase and i getting to go see durban, the coast, and cape town on our own!
•• fun hikes, waterfall stops, and lots of driving.
•• lesedi cultural village
•• the ELEPHANT sanctuary! such a highlight.
•• being able to spend thanksgiving, christmas, and new years holidays with my parents this year. we had the best food and company that made it feel like home even so far away. they
 are the absolute greatest.


i’ve already posted LOTS about this visit to south africa, from SURPRISING my mom early :) → safaris → to petting lion cubs → to cape town → to durban →  to service → to spending thanksgiving & christmas there…but everything is under the south africa tab here! this post has just a few other memories and photos from our time in ZA.
south africa visit5

my comfort foods here in south africa ^^ rooibos tea in steamed milk
with my mom, and of course her famous whole wheat cinnamon rolls.
south africa visit6more comforts ^^ a bedspread from home, and linny’s lemon chicken ^^
one of the greatest parts of south africa =
lots of animals, all of the time.
IMG_6566another great part of visiting south africa during our winter –

it’s their summer! everything was so beautiful and warm.
south africa visit2also: grenadilla + mango season for the win!
my dad and i had this combo on the daily.

south africa visit27^^ story of our lives lately = different SIM cards all the time in each
each country… and driving on the right side of the car/ left of the road ^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
johannesburg temple!!
south africa visit25being with my parents always guarantees stopping for good treats. ex:

this ice cream stop with my dad was at 10 AM, and we each got 2 cones! haha
IMG_6563we got a care package of USA treats at my parents house ^^
just a tad bit excited! ;)
south africa visit12i also got to have some of the best daddy-daughter
lunches with pres dunn :) he knows all of the best spots!
IMG_1833south africa visit20my mom knows all of the best craft markets in
johannesburg. we had many stops around town! ^^

south africa visit21^^ i wanted one of these pretty giraffes to take home ..
but it was tricky with heading back to europe, so my mom
might have to bring it home for me at the end of her mission :)
IMG_1839south africa visit22
south africa visit17these two played ping pong at the mission home EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.
i wish i were kidding, but literally without fail. whether it was 10 at night
or midnight, they never missed their nightly games. (such nerds!
they even had to wear their matching south africa jerseys).
2 AM watching the U BYU game! ^^
south africa visit26i got to overlap with some favorite family friends who were
also visiting south africa during the time we were there.
so fun to be with the ryttings! ^^
south africa visit15we had to eat at wombles a few times.

the best steaks, cola tonic, and setting!
south africa visit23those BEAUTIFUL children. can’t get over them ^^
south africa visit18a holiday getaway to sun city for the day! ^^
south africa visit16 so fun to be here at the same time that the woods
visited. we love chelsea & rob!
IMG_6896i think the south african rand is the coolest looking currency!

it also hit an all-time low compared to the dollar while
we were there, which makes us sad for SA but made things
so unbelievably inexpensive it was hard to believe.
south africa visit11chase worked from the google office in johannesburg a few days.
i came with him and we loved the south african slang on the doors ^^
IMG_7385joburg map at the google office! ^^
south africa visit10waterfall exploring (and of course chase had to do a backflip into here!)
south africa visit8^^ lots of fun bike riding + hikes (as per usual with my parents)
always doing something active outdoors!
south africa visit3can you see how thrilled i was about this hike in 100 degree heat

and wind? haha – all of the missionaries were on this too!
south africa visit9my mom is always the bravest of us all ^^
IMG_1689ha – you can tell my dad is just a little unsure…
meanwhile, my mom is completely unphased!
IMG_1686“okay- now get this thing off me!” -my dad. haha!

south africa visit7^^ i finally got to meet tyler this visit, the daughter of our cutest
friends lynn & theo. she made us the sweetest “welcome to SA card!”
when she’s older she wants to come to college in the states, so i’m
planning to convince her to come live with us by that time :)

south africa visit1mission home life ^^ hanging out with my mom on her bed,
and working from the office with the prettiest view.
south africa visitmy parents have mastered so many south african foods, from
boerewors on the braai, malva pudding, and bobotie:
IMG_7603all of the amazing home cooking was balanced
with so many fun dinners out! i love these 3 ^^

IMG_7489meeting the makasi family was a favorite. look at these kiddos!
IMG_7488 IMG_7484another favorite family ^^ the klintworths.
we love them and had so much fun doing sunday lunch.
IMG_7464favorite braai of all with lynne, theo & tyler.
we swam at their pool and had the best meal!
IMG_7304^^ another fun dinner out with lynne & theo ♥♥
more visits to the temple ^^ i soaked up getting to be
there so many times during our time in south africa!
IMG_7447 IMG_7231we brought my parents a travel size version of our FAVORITE
game jokers and marbles, and they became major fans and
players –– we played nightly and glad they know how to play now!

IMG_7222christmas ladies luncheon with my mom’s darling friends! ^^
thanks charnell for letting me tag along :)

IMG_7117my mom and i met lynn & her daughter at the most darling
market before christmas. all local vendors, all amazing! 

IMG_7018one of the highlights of cape town was our helicopter ride
over the cape. i’m still thinking about those views! more here.
IMG_6896my mom & i casually petting a cheetah ^^
it never gets old to be around all of these animals.
IMG_6891how cute is she? ^^
IMG_6882ahh! this isn’t as terrifying as it looks, but still pretty scary.
we went to the lion park with the ryttings, and as soon as
we entered the cheetah petting cage the cheetah spotted our
friend irene and beelined it for her. we don’t know if it was
her outfit or what, but she pounced! luckily this is a reserve
and this cheetah had filed down teeth/ claws due to injuries
in the wild. so, she couldn’t hurt irene but it was TERRIFYING!
we were all freaking out but somehow my mom got this photo- ha!
(looking back now at her skirt, maybe the cheetah thought she was a zebra? :)

IMG_6838#1 favorite grocery store. it’s like whole foods x 10, and way cheaper.
i miss it already!
IMG_1919after not cooking for months backpacking europe, i had

plenty of chance to make up for it cooking at the mission
home for all of the events and dinners. this is my mom’s
south african friend kayla who helps here all the time!

IMG_6620classic south african public bathroom ^^ lionesses & lions
IMG_6612 IMG_6590volunteering at the greatest school in a township! ^^
IMG_3084snapped this picture of chase & my mom one day, matching.
they couldn’t be cuter! i love how close they are.
IMG_2294sunset views of downton jozi ^^
IMG_1743^^ some rebel lions, breaking the grass rules in broad daylight ;)
IMG_1507 how about these little cubs nuzzled up after nursing? ^^
IMG_7627our last day we drove through downtown johannesburg on the
way to the airport. i’ll always have a soft spot for this place!
south africa visit13we said tearful goodbyes, (they are the WORST)…
boarded our flight, and said goodbye to south africa.
south africa visit14
IMG_7634 IMG_7646we got to fly through kenya for a night. hi, nairobi!
IMG_1973even though we will have spent the majority of 3 years
away from my parents, the memories we’ve packed in
during our visits have been extra memorable and special..
almost 3 years worth in their amazingness! :)