sausage tree safari camp

sausage tree safari camp

after celebrating thanksgiving with my parents in johannesburg,
we headed into the bush to go on safari!! it’s the south african
experience you cannot miss, & the reason most people come here.
i went on a few the first time i visited my parents, but this would
be chase’s very first safari experience! we found the coolest
family-run camp in balule game reserve and loved every detail
of our experience… amazing people, fabulous setting with
cool safari tents to stay in, drives spotting lots of animals,
and even camp dogs who we all became attached to :)
there are so many different lodges and options for
safari, but this is my kind of place. it’s reasonable
while still offering an incredible experience. it’s also
such a cool setting and makes you feel like you’re
truly staying “in the bush” with the awesome tents.
IMG_1972sausage tree safari camp is about 5 hours from johannesburg
and situated back through dirt roads, making it feel super remote.
it’s named after the south african sausage tree which produces
heavy sausage fruit & surrounds the camp. love this safari crew! ^^

IMG_1846we spotted this gorgeous bird on the way into camp and
already felt like we were in a good wildlife area. this is
called the lilac breasted roller and is my favorite african bird!

IMG_1851we arrived to camp with a friendly greeting,
and walked in the main tent to this pretty view ^^ 

IMG_1854greeted with some juice after our long drive! ^^
IMG_1857 IMG_1859cheers to the beginning of a safari stay!
IMG_1860 IMG_1863 IMG_1866 after taking in the main area we were shown
along the pathways to our tents.
IMG_2022 IMG_1871
the rooms are the perfect mix of rustic + luxury.
they are so clean and updated, but you also get to
zip up a mosquito net and feel like you’re in the bush!
sausage tree safari camp2
IMG_1873my mom and i both agreed that these tents were our
favorite safari accommodations from what we’ve been to.

IMG_1869we had some time to enjoy lunch and the
views before the afternoon game drive began.

IMG_1890and off we go, with rain clouds in the distance!
IMG_1892one of our first spottings: the cutest & cuddliest lion family..
IMG_1901are you kidding? can i join them?
IMG_1903 IMG_1905my mom was decked out in her complete safari gear .. haha!
after living here for a year and a half now, she is a true expert.

IMG_1908mom + husband ^^ love how close they are
sausage tree safari camp7^^ back to the lions who started sharpening
their claws on a tree. i could watch them forever!

IMG_1928papa lion joined the party ^^
IMG_1934we continued our drive and stopped off at an
overlook to watch the sunset, complete with some snacks.

IMG_1937 IMG_1938it was starting to get chilly with the rain blowing in,
so this cozy stop with hot chocolate was very welcomed.
the other safaris i’ve done have been in really hot weather,
which made this cooler stormy weather so refreshing this time.
so refreshing in fact, that an actual DOWNPOUR started on our
drive home. it was one of the funniest/craziest experiences to
put on ponchos and get stuck in an african rainstorm drive!
unnamedsomeone in our group took this hilarious photo and sent it to us,
and i have to include it since chase, my mom and i look so ridiculous
in the back getting drenched. my dad was in the front by our guide!

IMG_1944we came back for cozy dinner during the rainstorm.
it was inside because of the weather so we couldn’t
do the boma and campfire, but it was really nice!

sausage tree safari camp9^^ a delicious home-cooked meal that hit the spot!
we hurried off to bed to rest up before our…
sausage tree safari camp3morning game drive!

IMG_1950these start around 5 AM but they are some of
the best times to be out early with the animals.
IMG_1954we found the lions again right away…sleepy like we were!
IMG_1956this one woke up … looking a little scary with that glare!
IMG_1960chase tried out our guide’s camera and looked pretty legit!
IMG_1961^^ back to snoozin’
IMG_1963the cutest parents on our morning ride!
IMG_1967we spotted the coolest feather on the ground ^^
the birds of africa, i swear! so gorgeous.

IMG_1969i loved the game drives here because they arranged
nice stops along the way with snacks & drinks & treats!
IMG_1987hello, giraffe with your crazy black tongue!
IMG_6906laughing so hard again at my mom’s gilligan hat! 

IMG_1971mom in the spotter seat, haha ^^
also – are my dad + chase repping the SF giants enough?
IMG_1979we came back across this giraffe who was
getting ready to take a drink. watch this!
IMG_1980i had never seen this. they have to scoot their legs
into a wide stance so they can reach down far enough!
IMG_1981the cutest thing ever! ^^

IMG_1997we came back to our favorite animals of them all…
the camp dogs that the owners have living there.
we laughed so hard at how much they stole all
of our hearts. after seeing all of the amazing
exotic animals we would race back to hold
charlie and pet mildred! (haha, best names too)
IMG_2000charlie was unreal. he was so relaxed he would let
you hold him and do anything! here he is stiff as
a board just leaning on chase. hahah!

IMG_2003we called this one the “simba”
IMG_2016here’s darling mildred, a black lab/hound mix.
those floppy ears were so cute as she chased lizards!

sausage tree safari camp6we had a lovely breakfast — (and my mom’s safari hat reappeared ;)
IMG_2025 sausage tree safari camp11finally it came time to say goodbye to charlie …….
sausage tree safari camp12sausage tree safari camp13haha we were so sad! lots of hugs for him and for
the rest of the crew here. you make fast friends at this lodge!

IMG_1849this camp is one of the best experiences you can get
at one of the most reasonable rates. it’s personal, special,
memorable, and we loved every second of our short stay!

IMG_1844off we went through blythe river canyon after,
with more adventure to come. i’m working on a
complete south africa guide & video to post soon!