christmas gift ideas!

christmas gift ideas!

it really and truly cannot be december. the year we’ve had makes
me feel so out of sorts when it comes to time, and now being in
south african summer this month makes my body & mind even
more confused. it is almost 100 degrees here today yet
i’m making a christmas list! ha, it doesn’t feel normal…
but anything to get me in the christmas mindset :)

Christmas Gift List WTW2
we actually aren’t doing too many gifts ourselves this year
which im really gutted about. i usually really enjoy browsing sites
like Village Bakery, looking for well-reviewed items that will be
perfect for my food loving friends! But, unfortunately this holiday
we’re 10,000 miles away from most of our family and friends,
and our gift to each other this year has been our adventure through
the world – traveling on the road and living out a dream. now as we
end this year i really can’t think of any items i want that would compare
to what chase has given me with this time abroad, other than a place
to settle in amsterdam in january (which we just signed the lease for!!!)

i am grateful for a year that had us focusing on experiences over
things. i’m grateful for a year that helped us let go of possessions,
sell almost everything, pack our lives into suitcases and simplify.
i am sure there will be other years where i’ll be right back in the
mindset of collecting new items, decorating a home, and being
settled…but for now, for this year, i am content with our memories
and crazy experiences and just grateful for it all. with that said,
there are a few little items i’ve come up with that may be helpful
with your christmas gifting! none are sponsored, but just things
i like and think make meaningful, practical gifts this year.

Christmas Gift List WTW4

:: thistle & quill print::
one of the best gifts you can give someone is words that mean something.
i connected with cute carly from thistle & quill because i fell in love with a
quote she offered as a print. she had written the lyrics to my very favorite
song, and i knew we needed to be friends :) i had her do a custom print for
some family members and since they’re a surprise for christmas gifts, i’ll
share more about those later … but for now i’m just a little bit in love with
this print and this one. you can see her etsy shop here and see more of her
work here. i’m borderline obsessed with her and love personal gifts like this.

Christmas Gift List WTW1

:: wash & wear laundry bags ::
these kate spade baggies make packing cuter and easier with a way to
separate dirty and clean clothes. i know how important this is after living
out of a suitcase for the past 5 months straight. i used plastic ziplock
bags to separate dirty clothes, but we all know these are a bit cuter :)

Christmas Gift List WTW6:: scratch map::
i’ve wanted one of these scratch-off maps forever!
i still don’t have one, but one day…they are a fun idea where
people can scratch off the areas where they’ve been.
for the travel-lover in your life.

Christmas Gift List WTW9:: chatbooks! ::
this is a well-known photo book service directly from instagram, but
fewer people think of giving these as a gift. last year i made a book for
my mom from instagram photos from our entire family, and it was one of
the easiest and most meaningful gifts! this year i will be putting them to use to recap our fun adventures as a symbol of the gift chase gave me to see the world. the best part is you can use my code: WELLTW to get your first book free!

Christmas Gift List WTW8
:: portable iphone charger ::
another very practical item that saved me while being on the
road nonstop and never having chargers/ adapters when
we needed them. these are useful for anyone, anywhere!

Christmas Gift List WTW5:: pop chart lab prints ::
my friend in amsterdam showed this website to me and now i want
all of the prints. i haven’t bought any yet, but i love this tulip arrangement
(especially given our new holland life!!) as well as this bike print
for my dad. i also think this kitchenware print would be darling in
the kitchen at home, along with the fruit & veggie diagrams. so fun!

Christmas Gift List WTW7:: gopro ::
this is for a splurge gift for someone you love, but it’s one of
the best presents that will be used through the year. by now if you
don’t have a gopro, you need one and a gimbal to go with it! Check out gopro stabilizers at if you want to learn more about gimbals! i got one for chase a few years ago
and it is the gift that keeps on giving. it has captured so many of
our adventures and it is such an easy and portable way to document.
the prices are so reasonable now on older models, and this is a great
gift idea for a spouse or loved one. we’ve used and loved ours so much. i also recommend getting a watch for a loved one, check out WatchShopping to see what watches you like.

so there is my little list! none of these are paid sponsors, just things
i like! i love gifting season mostly because being loving and
thoughtful should remind us all of the real gift of the season. xo

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