flamenco in spain

flamenco in spain

i feel like flamenco in spain is just a european bucket list item
that needs to be experienced at least once. yes it is touristy,
but if you find the right place it is also a glimpse into the
tradition and passion of this country. we saw quite the show!

IMG_0054if you don’t know, flamenco is a spanish art form – more than just the dancing.
there are actually three parts to it: guitarra (the guitar), cante (song), and 
baile (dance). flamenco began in spain, but has some latin american influence.
IMG_0057we went to villa rosa tabloa flamenco right off the puerta del sol in madrid.
IMG_0059IMG_0060it’s fun to have a dinner show where you can eat before
and during the performance. it always makes it more enjoyable! :)
IMG_5471the show begins with music and clapping/ tapping,  
but soon one dancer gets up to perform … and they
each go down the line with their own solo performance.

IMG_5475it is so full of passion and tradition, which alone makes it worth experiencing.
these dancers aren’t smiling and performing – they are FEELING it and working hard.

IMG_0058 IMG_0067 IMG_0073we had a very spanish meal including paella, although
any local will tell you that paella is never eaten at night …
it’s too heavy and is instead a main lunch dish in spain.
IMG_0077 IMG_0085flamenco in spain IMG_0088after the show we strolled around the pretty area and square…
IMG_9458IMG_9464flamenco in spain3we laughed hard at this dora the explorer taking a break
with her costume head tipped up and texting ^^ haha!

IMG_9467we went to a late dinner afterward at the best restaurant we tried in madrid.
flamenco in spain2be sure to add ana la santa to your madrid dining list.
it’s modern spanish cuisine & was a highlight for us!

IMG_9479this salad may look simple, but it was so perfectly done.
this reminds me, i still need to ask them for the dressing recipe!

flamenco in spain4we got AMAZING ribs, ahi, and the yummiest roast chicken.
IMG_9482 IMG_9496all followed by a rainy walk home!