Eight Ways To Explore The World and Make Travel More Affordable

Eight Ways To Explore The World and Make Travel More Affordable

So many people put their dreams and thoughts on hold when it comes to travel. How many times have we said to ourselves that we’d love to do something but can’t afford it? Travel is definitely one of those things that many people believe is not affordable for them. With the price of some hotels and airline tickets, it can be easy to see why people think that. The thing is, travel can be pretty cheap if you change the way that you look at things. If you’re willing to do a few things differently, then it can make a big difference to the cost of it all. Perhaps you could learn how to apply for credit cards with no credit and use a credit card to help you on your journey (a pretty good idea as most offer Airmiles and you can build credit at the same time). You coulo find other people who want to travel to the same places as you and plan a trip together or even travel in off-peak times. There are tonnes of ways to travel without breaking the baem. If you feel ready to achieve your travel dreams and see the world, here are my tips for making it much more affordable.

Travel in a Small Group or With Another Family

When it’s just your family traveling or you are going solo, the cost is just with you and your family. But if you’re able to travel with friends or another family and you can share everything, then you have potentially just halved the cost of your vacation. If you can all fit into one villa or hotel suite, then that cost is divided by how many people there are. Gas money is shared if you can all fit in the same car. The cost of groceries can be divided, as well as other things that you’d all make use of. When you travel alone, all of the cost is with you. Even when you travel with a large family or large group, it doesn’t always work out cheaper as you’ll need multiple cars or hotel rooms. So keep things smaller and share, and of course find friends/family who want to operate on the same general budget as you do… You’ll be able to travel much more if you do it this way!

Use Air Miles

This is a popular technique of travel hacking that people often try to travel for less. There are so many ways to earn air miles these days that you’d be silly not to use one. If you want to travel more, this needs to be on your list of things to do! Even something as simple as changing your credit card to one that lets you collect air miles can make a big difference. When you travel often, your air miles will add up meaning you’ll be eligible for lots of rewards and benefits with the airline. Looking somewhere like upgradedpoints.com can be useful as it will tell you the benefits of each card and the amount of air miles that you could accumulate. Since we all spend on things like groceries and gas anyway, why not earn miles as you pay for them?

Be Frugal

When you are planning a trip, it’s a good idea to think as frugally as possible. If you go into the trip thinking that you deserve an extra expensive meal, just because you are on vacation, then you’ll blow your daily budget quite quickly. Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean that you have to spend huge amounts of money. It is a good idea to think just like you would at home. Then you’ll be able to travel more often and see more sights. Those kinds of memories are the ones you want to pay for, rather than expensive meals, right?

Choose Self-Catering

Going along with the above, you can save yourself a lot of money when you cook your own meals. It can be nice to dine out some of the time that you are away. But doing it each day will cost you a lot of money. There is no need for this, especially because it can be fun to cook in a place with local ingredients! So find accommodation where you can cook or prepare your own meals. Even better, stay in a campervan and save even more money on your accommodation. Campstay campervan park in Melbourne is a perfect example of the kind of place you’d be able to stay in a campervan, whether you hire one or buy one outright to save money on every future vacation. Not being able to cook is no excuse when it comes to self-catered; think of things you can buy or take to have for breakfasts and for lunches. Things like granola bars and fruit, for example. You can make up lunches by getting baguettes +meat + cheese, and then it might mean eating out for dinner. Just be savvy about where you choose to eat. It will save you a lot of money if you do!

Go Where You Know People

If you have family or friends is certain locations, it makes it a no-brainer to go and visit the places that they live in. Hotels and accommodation are one of the most expensive things about travel. So if you don’t mind sleeping on floors or in spare rooms, then it makes travel much more affordable. It also helps if you have plenty of people in all sorts of different areas that are willing to let you stay. Plus, the people that you stay with might live in some areas that you would never have thought of to visit before. So there is fun potential to discover some local gems and places that you wouldn’t have explored otherwise. So look up where cousins, old college roommates, or aunts and uncles live now. It certainly gives you a base for where your next trip would be and saves some money for a couple of nights perhaps.

Look Online for Discounts

There are many different sales and discounts that travel companies and airlines will have. So you just need to be wise when you plan it all out and so some searching online. There can be big discounts and savings to be had if you book in December, for example. Many people aren’t planning their summer trip around the holidays, as that is such a focus for them and their cash. So booking at that time of year is a good idea. It is also a good idea to look in airline sales. Often these happen in January and February, around the time other sales in stores are on. You can get some bargains, especially if you don’t have a specific place in mind and just want to travel to wherever the cheapest flight is to.

You can also check out coupon and discount sites like Groupon.com. They have so many different travel related offers that really are a good deal. We once took a trip to China using a Groupon and actually loved it!! Other travel promoters like Expedia are good to look at as well. They will have good package deals which can make everything much cheaper. You tend to have to book these things when you see them, though. So sometimes it might be a case of just booking something and thinking about it later! At least you’ll have gotten a good deal on it.

Use Other Methods of Transport

We’ve have mentioned air travel a lot in this post already… It’s a great way to travel and depending on your chosen destination; it can be pretty cheap to use. But you shouldn’t forget about other methods of transportation. Think about a trip to Europe, for example. You could rent a car but depending on where you are planning to visit, it could be a lot cheaper (and less stressful) to travel via public transport. Say you were in London. You can use the underground trains and buses when you are there. Even if you decided to visit the Philippines, you could look into a company like Travelfoot to find buses that can take you from different destinations around the country safety. If you wanted to head over to France and visit somewhere like Paris, you can get there in less time than it would take to drive. It would probably cost you less in gas too unless there were a few of you filling up the car and sharing the cost. The Eurostar from London to Paris can cost around $70 for a return ticket. So before you think that you need to drive everywhere, think about other ways to travel. You could rethink your trip and perhaps arrange a bus trip to somewhere, or my favorite — the train.

House Sit

There are also lots of different sites like Airbnb where you can rent a room or a whole house for your stay. The majority of the time this can work out much cheaper than staying in a hotel, especially if you are planning to visit a city. You can pick places that have the best location, and you get the best thing of all; speaking to a local. They can share their tips and advice for things to do and see. Even things like restaurant recommendations are great when they come from someone who lives in the area.

You could also consider looking at a house sitting or a house swap website. It could be that you find a family that wants to do a straight swap with you. You go to their house, and they come to yours. It can be really interesting to see how someone else lives as you discover somewhere new. House sitting would be someone saying that they need their home looked after while they are away. There might be some jobs to do and a pet to care for, but this usually is in exchange for staying there for free. So it has got to be worth looking into, right?

Happy (budget) traveling!