trekking to montenegro

trekking to montenegro

the further we descended down the balkan peninsula, the
less familiar things got…so, the more interesting they also got!

i was so set on making it down to kotor, montenegro while we were
in croatia. i wanted a taste of this country that i knew so little about,
and even though by this point we were traveled and bussed – out, i
knew it would never get easier or closer. i had a friend who was able to buy a property here and we wanted to check it out since she and her had just gotten her Montenegro residence permits. we woke up early and
caught a bus from dubrovnik. **be prepared that going between
countries in this area of europe is no walk in the park. while most
of central europe is part of the EU schengen area which requires no
passport checks, certain countries in this area are outside of it. we
stopped for hours at each passport border check, and it
that’s just the norm here. don’t worry, what’s coming is so
beautiful and unique that you’ll forget all about the long wait on
the bus while an officer was off somewhere checking your passport :)IMG_5643the scenery of kotor is so gorgeous. the one good part of the bus ride
was rounding the curves against the water as we came into montenegro.
something about the stone walls & palm trees set against the mountains
is so dramatically scenic. i had my nose pressed to the glass as we rounded
the corners, and i’ll never forget those first views of this land that was brand-
new to me. it was another moment where i sighed and remembered it’s always
worth it to see something new. the quote came to my head, “never miss the
opportunity to see something that is beautiful.” it applied so well on this day.
IMG_4030this is taken on my phone, from the bus! this is what i was staring at
for an hour before we made it into the bay of kotor. jaw-dropping, right?!
IMG_5591 IMG_5600the fortress in the mountain above old city will grab your attention
right away. it almost looked like parts of the great wall! ^^
KotorIMG_5619it’s rare to have the sea set so close to mountains. they are
so rugged and stunning, looming over the coastal scene.
IMG_5667the summertime brings in lots of fancy yachts to the kotor marina, since
the docking fees and taxes are much less here. this creates a flood of visitors
during the summer months, but it’s still a sheltered & romantic bay that feels
a lot different than any other european beach town during the summer. i sat
and watched a giant, amazing yacht pull into the dock with like 5 security
guys on it. as it docked they got out and stood guard around the boat… & so
many people stopped to watch – haha. i still want to know who was on there!
IMG_4046it was a roasting hot day, so we changed into swim suits before realizing
that this particular part of the bay isn’t the most ideal for swimming.
there are smaller beaches and places to swim further out in the bay, but
right in kotor it’s not as easy to jump in with all of the yachts docked
and no obvious places to swim. so instead, we just baked in the sun
and then headed into the shade of the old city to find some lunch.
IMG_5613right off of the huge, sprawling boardwalk is a gate into the old city,
where the atmosphere completely changes once you step through.
IMG_5635^^ walking around, still in my swim suit cover up, wishing
i could find a place to jump in the water in the dripping heat.
luckily there was a lot to distract us as we started to explore.
IMG_5608right within those city walls lie a maze of bustling, marbled lanes where
shops, cafés, & churches are tucked off of you on hidden piazzas.
IMG_5602i could not stop taking pictures of the unique setting & details here.
Kotor3 IMG_5599IMG_5627 IMG_5609IMG_5610IMG_5633 IMG_5616IMG_5604Kotor4IMG_5625 IMG_5617 IMG_5626 IMG_5648 we found this little hidden lookout to soak in the views
(and bask in the heat) for a few hours until it was time to
get back on a bus to dubrovnik and end our short day trip.
though we wished we had more time, we were so glad
we didn’t miss the opportunity to see something beautiful.

Kotor1chase was out like a light on the bus ride back ^^ through the passport check and all!

thanks for the taste, montenegro. you left us wanting more.

8 thoughts on “trekking to montenegro”

  • The mountains against the gorgeous sea with all of that old architecture… My goodness, is it beautiful! This is one of the only blog posts I’ve ever read about Montenegro, so thanks for the introduction! Great photos! :)

    • I’m so glad! I felt the same– I’ve never seen or heard much about it, so it was amazing to experience! Highly recommended even though it’s a bit out of the way :)

  • Well I have never even heard of this place before now, but it looks simple charming. And I never really thought about it, but you’re right, there isn’t a whole lot of places where a mountain is close the sea like that. and YOUR HAIR! Is gorgeous. It is so long, wow! Anyway, I have still been enjoying reading all of your Europe posts! I was excited to hear you guys are settling in Amsterdam and I can’t wait to read more about that. Best of luck to you!

    • i know, right? i was trying to think why it felt so different and then i realized there are hardly ever big mountains set right against the ocean! you are so nice about my hair – i am so lazy and never get it cut or done, so it has grown a lot this summer! i took it out of a bun and it was all crazy like that so i just went with it haha. thanks for your sweet comment! we can’t wait for amsterdam :)

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