sleeping in the swiss riviera: montreux

sleeping in the swiss riviera: montreux

before this visit, i didn’t even know the swiss riviera was a thing.
of course we think of the french riviera, but this stunning region
lining lake geneva has been nicknamed the swiss version.
IMG_8517we chose montreux as our our base to enjoy the entire area, including
the foodie towns of gruyères and broc for cheese and chocolate.
it was ideal to take the train up to those towns during the day &
then return back to the waterfront to enjoy the views and vibe.
IMG_8469this city of montreux has soul. it’s not only gorgeous, but there’s
a personality to go along with it. it has a history filled with writers,
artists & musicians who lived here enjoying the views, tranquil walks,
and amazing environment that brought out creativity. now it is known
for culture and especially jazz music with a big festival every year.
IMG_8485IMG_4877i will never tire of a lake set against mountains. it’s my very favorite scenery…
(probably because of this place)
IMG_8457just look at this scenery ^^ walking along here feels like a dream!

IMG_8470 IMG_8453taking the train up the hills of montreux offers some of the best views! ^^
WTW Montreux5IMG_8478
Montreuxwe took endless strolls and jogs along here during our stay.
^^ one good destination is the castle on the edge of town!
IMG_4879 IMG_8473WTWMontreux6 IMG_8484IMG_8489the sliver of the moon made the sunset even more magical.
WTW Montreux3 IMG_8495WTW Montreux4we stayed right on the pretty water at eurotel montreux and it was
one of the best locations + room views ever. i’m still dreaming of it!
one of the best parts of eurotel was their restaurant right
on the water –– safran –– so tasty with the greatest view!!

IMG_8501the dishes were all fusion and really unique,
incorporating fresh seafood right from the lake.
IMG_8503chase went for the swiss burger with the yummiest gruyère cheese,
which tasted even better since the town of gruyère is so close!

WTW Montreuxfor dessert we went with movenpick swiss ice cream (the BEST)
and some berry tarts. we loved everything about this meal!

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