we got a bit off track during our last few weeks of backpacking, and found
ourselves in the beautiful, though unplanned, austrian city of innsbruck.
it is not a bad place to stop over. just look at it!! ↓↓↓↓↓↓

IMG_7925when you picture innsbruck, think: jagged, snow-capped mountains
surrounding a busy city with a bright turquoise river running through
it and lots of fun within the streets. innsbruck is a great stop while
traveling because a) it is big enough to offer amenities and plenty
to do (it even has a primark :), yet it also sits right nearby amazing
alpine ski & hiking sights – depending on winter or summer.
IMG_4646chase snapped this photo as we stepped off the train and made
our way through the streets in search of our hotel (a daily
occurrence the past few months…our backs hate us for it!)
IMG_7916the surrounding mountains are called the nordkette range and
they are so close that it only takes minutes to get straight up to them.
there is also an olympic ski jump right in town that is fun to see.
IMG_7919we made it to hotel innsbruck just before big rain droplets
began to fall and the mountain air turned chilly. good thing
we were staying at a hotel with a cabin-like feel, and a sauna!
WTW Innsbruck4within seconds of checking into our room we had changed into
robes and beelined to the sauna. we’ve become semi-addicted to them!
IMG_7931the rooms smelled like cedar and the entire place felt like staying at
a nice austrian cabin in the hills…yet we were right on the river in town.
IMG_7933the view from our window looked right down on the cheery streets ^^
IMG_7953we finally warmed up, bundled up, and ventured out onto the
streets in search of dinner and some more street charm.
IMG_4621i was very tempted to buy a dirndl & lederhosen for us, but chase
convinced me we may not have room or get much use from them :)

IMG_7915 IMG_7934we arrived at the sailer for a complete austrian dinner.
IMG_7935we were shown back to the dining room, again feeling
like we were in some charming austrian lodge.

IMG_7936 IMG_7939i felt like we had stepped back in time into old-fashioned austria.. a delight!
IMG_7947i got a simple but amazingly prepared chicken + potato dish,
while naturally chase got his favorite…

IMG_7949the classic wiener schnitzel. always a classic & new favorite of chase’s.
IMG_7960after a warm dinner we walked back along the river
and soaked up another carefree european night in a new
and charming place. i can’t forget any of these memories, ever.

IMG_7958 IMG_7961goodnight, innsbruck!
WTW Innsbruck2thank you hotel innsbruck for welcoming us!