FINALLY making it to LAKE BLED!

FINALLY making it to LAKE BLED!

you know those places that have been at the top of your list forever?
this is one of mine. there are endless places i want to see, but lake bled
has been near the tip top for a long time. i’ve seen so many photos and
heard so much that i swear it’s been in my dreams at night! i was so excited
to finally arrive to this magical destination in the middle of slovenia during
one of our final weeks of 3 months traveling europe. this was a highlight!
IMG_7167pulling up in the afternoon to the crystal blue-green lake with the church
island in the middle and the castle overlooking it was like pulling up
to a fairytale scene. it’s enchanting from the second you arrive.
it seemed like we had just missed the summer crowds and had
the great weather and scenery almost all to ourselves.

IMG_7065it’s not a huge lake – only about 2km across – but every angle & vantage point
changes the view to be stunning in different ways. it seriously sparkles and invites
you right in. you can choose between walking the 6km path around the lake, jumping
in for a swim if it’s summertime, renting a boat across the lake, visiting the castle,
strolling through the town, taking one million photos, or all of the above…like we did!
IMG_7163we checked into our hotel right on the lake and took in the view,
then walked down to take a traditional pletna boat across to the island.
these slovenian rowboats are the only boats allowed on the water here.
they are so charming, dating back to 1590. i love that most all of the boats
have been passed through local families who work as oarsmen to this day.
IMG_7077LAKE BLED2our cute oarsman was named janez rešek and he smiled the entire
way across the lake as he rowed us. he made the experience even better.
go find him down by the water below vila bled! you can book ahead at and i recommend it since he’s had this
trade in his family for generations and now shares the boat with his son.
IMG_7101these boats are wooden flat-bottom boats and the oarsman stands and rows
with a special stehrudder technique. they are really reasonable, so hop in a boat
to get a tour of the lake which is so memorable. you really can’t miss this in bled!
IMG_7136rowing up to the church island was so beautiful. the bells were ringing
and the evening light was making everything glow. i was in love with it all!

IMG_7120we arrived by boat, docked, and our oarsman told us to meet back in 45 minutes.
we headed straight up the stairs to explore the little island + church for a bit!

LAKE BLED1the island is really simple and small, but it was peaceful and had
pretty views of the lake, town, and castle. we explored our hearts out!
IMG_7062IMG_7122^^ look at the color of that water!!!
IMG_7127be sure to ring the wishing bell of the church and make
a good wish, since it’s the tradition here in slovenia!

IMG_7128i love this boy with all my heart and love these summer
memories that i have bottled up to replay over and over. ^^
IMG_7134from the island we looked up at the medieval castle hanging over the
cliff set against the julian alps, and decided we needed to make it up there.
IMG_7089we headed back to shore and raced over to make it up to the castle before sunset.
IMG_7186it was the perfect time to go, and we just sat
on this rock wall in awe taking it all in.
IMG_7197from every side the views were heavenly.
i had to get a picture with the slovenian
flag to show my major love for this country!

IMG_7153 IMG_7158i could have stayed here forever ^^
IMG_7160LAKE BLED4be sure to visit the blejski grad!!
IMG_7179happy campers ^^
IMG_7200 chase is a slovenia fan too ^^
LAKE BLED5IMG_7091we were big fans of lake bled and i hope to come back on
a hiking trip all through this area sometime in the future.

IMG_7196two last slovenian posts coming at you this weekend!


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