a swiss alps bike ride for the bucket list

a swiss alps bike ride for the bucket list

this day biking through the swiss alps was one of the happiest of my life.
i wanted to yodel from the hilltops and never let it end. i want everyone
to have this bike ride in their lifetime, but either way i’m supplying hundreds
of pictures in this post so you can a) gain inspiration for when you go, or
b) at least get a taste of it this way. this is one of the most beautiful places in
the world and the chance to enjoy it outdoors (on e-bikes :) made it even better.

IMG_3341from interlaken ? lauterbrunnen ? staubbach falls ?
tram up gimmelwald ? murren ? up to the schilthorn summit ?
back to murren ? winteregg ? grutschalp ? and interlaken,
we will take you through our route in case anyone wants to keep
it for future reference! it’s a popular and common route in this area,
so maybe you’ve already done it and know how scenic and magical it is.
this area can be hiked, trained, or biked… but we went with the latter. we even saw people biking with their dog and we really wished we brought our dog too. A couple told us to check out Dog Product Picker’s list of dog bike trailers for next time we visited, so if you want to bring your dog along, you can!

IMG_3167we rented right from interlaken at flying wheels, which is probably
the happiest bike rental place we’ve ever been to for a few reasons.
IMG_3188a) it’s right on interlaken’s main street, the perfect starting point for
a ride through the mountain and waterfalls of the lauterbrunnen valley.

IMG_3172b) everything from the building to the t-shirts to the logo is lime green and makes
you smile right away – especially when you meet the owners frank + miriam!
IMG_3214c) they specialize in E-BIKES which are probably one of the best inventions that
we are now big fans of (electric bikes that can aid you up the hills!) we love biking &
exercising, but on an elevated route like this, these e-mountain bikes were lifesavers.
IMG_3212we still feel like we got a great workout in and we were active all day,
but these bikes made it so much more pleasant huffing and puffing up
those hills. it was our first time on e-bikes, but we quickly learned that
you can adjust the settings and have the power off // on light // eco //
sport (for going up hills) // or turbo (which chase LOVED to have on,
even on flat roads. haha!) they are so fun and made a huge difference.
IMG_3229the route from interlaken is not the very easiest to follow on a map,
and we were sent with about four different scaled maps as we started.
luckily you mostly follow the river, and then helpful signs start to appear.
IMG_3287can this be real? i’m amazed i didn’t fall off the bike while
taking in these heavenly views + snapping endless pictures as
we entered the lauterbrunnen valley with these kind of views ^^
the whole trip made me want to take up moutain biking again
i use to love it when i was younger but gave it up for some reason
i will definitely be going on Sauserwind to find all the right
equipment that i need to get started again.
IMG_3296repping our utes in honor of FOOTBALL season starting! ^^
i always get so homesick living away when college football starts,
but i guess this a pretty good place to be… so i can’t complain.

IMG_3243pulling into the town of lauterbrunnen is straight out of a dream.
you really couldn’t make up a cuter place if you tried…and the
best part is that the towns of this ride only get better as you go!

swiss alps bike ride5stop into airtime cafe on lauterbrunnen’s main street for a
or sandwich…best ever. then, carry on down the road to…
IMG_3248staubbach falls! definitely plan to pull over, lock up
the bikes, and take the short hike up to walk right behind
the falls while overlooking the valley. it’s glorious! IMG_3268IMG_3265the narrow path carved into the mountain which
takes you right behind the waterfall itself ^^
IMG_3258we made sure to stop and take in the views
of the swiss villages + valley below.
IMG_3277swiss alps bike ride8i loved these cute hiking poles offered for anyone
going up the trail. there is also a fresh spring here
to fill up your water bottle for free…oh, switzerland!
swiss alps bike ride13we visited earlier in the day when the falls were stronger, and we heard
that the falls slow down later in the day – so keep that in mind for a visit.
swiss alps bike ride12after staubbach falls, it was back on the bikes
to ride along the valley until we hit the tram!

IMG_3294^^ we stopped to say hello to the cute cows along the way,
who actually wear cow bells (chase could not get over this).
swiss alps bike ride25we took the first section of the schilthorn cable car up to gimmelwald,
the first stop. (and bonus — you can take your bikes on it!)
swiss alps bike ride15^^ cute tram rider!

IMG_3347we arrived to gimmelwald and fell. in. LOVE.
IMG_3357this town is only accessible by tram or bike/ hike, no cars..
so that makes it one of the most special places in the world.
it’s a definite favorite place that you will never forget visiting!

IMG_3317 IMG_3318while wandering this tiny, quiet town we stumbled
upon the “honesty shop” which could only exist in a place
like this … an unattended, self-serve village shop where honest
shoppers can go pick things up and pay in a box there in the store!

IMG_3335swiss alps bike ride16we grabbed some hot cocoa in a little mountain cabin and
spotted an alta sticker as we walked out… made me homesick!

IMG_3349 IMG_3350 IMG_3356we had a little hot cocoa overlooking the greatest views of our life ^^
IMG_3358 after completely falling in LOVE with gimmelwald and
making chase promise we can return again and again, we
boarded the next tram to mürren – very ready for lunch!
IMG_3314up we go again! (thank goodness we didn’t have to bike these inclines!) ^^
IMG_3363IMG_3367again, heart eyes all over the place in this town ^^
swiss alps bike ride18swiss alps bike ride21for some reason we were craving burgers so badly, and
we found some on baguettes with the yummiest cheese.
it hit the spot (and was by far the cheapest lunch possible.)

IMG_3365 IMG_3370 IMG_3373 IMG_3380 are these views real?! ^^^^^^^^
IMG_3389after a long lunch and soaking in the views, we took
the last leg of the cable car up to piz gloria on schilthorn.
swiss alps bike ride19we were the first ones on the empty tram, and then it quickly
got packed FULL – haha chase was feeling a little claustrophobic!
IMG_3400 this is a must-experience in the alps, to rise above
the clouds and feel like you’re on top of the world!
IMG_3403i wanted to walk down and explore this trail more,

but it did look a little bit daunting with the fog swallowing
up the trail…so chase made me turn around and explore the top :)

IMG_3397 IMG_3398 IMG_3406we circled the top deck in awe of the mountains that
come into view when the clouds moved, and after a
while i lost chase … then came inside the gift shop to find
him buying a 7 € dark chocolate toblerone… haha, worth it.

IMG_3408 swiss alps bike ride22i lost chase again, only to find him inside of bondworld playing
games, haha! the james bond movie on her majesty’s secret service
was filmed right here, so they have created an entire tribute to it
with scenes from the movie playing that happened right on this summit!
there’s also a skywalk and 007 rotating restaurant where you can do
brunch or lunch. it’s actually really fun and i had to drag chase away so we
could go back down the mountain and finish our bike ride before dark!

IMG_3432 IMG_3436^^ one more picture even though it was completely
socked in by then, and i was getting cold!! (hence
why i was wearing chase’s extra coat he packed me :)

IMG_3439we came back down to mürren and biked along the
ridge with views that just kept getting better.

IMG_3452 IMG_3461 IMG_3462eventually we made the turn to ride back down into the valley,
and let me tell you – it is one of the best experiences in the world.

IMG_3463an open bike path, gorgeous swiss landscape below, and
a free descent that felt like flying! i was so giddy the whole way.
IMG_3468one of my favorite pictures of chase ^^ as the path
looped around and around, i could always see him
around the bend with these views in the background.

IMG_3479we stopped for just a few photo opps (AKA, every few minutes)
and we did make friends with the cutest couple from the US who
we chatted with here for a while and took photos for each other.

IMG_3481 IMG_3490swiss alps bike ride14made some other new friends as well ^^
IMG_3501i never want to forget this day as long as i live!
swiss alps bike ride24made it back just shy of 50k biked, (with LOTS of help from the e-bikes!)
we had the best experience with flying wheels, and fully recommend using
them for rentals OR tours from interlaken into the lauterbrunnen valley.

IMG_3348switzerland, i love you. you are a favorite every single time.

i can’t wait to share our canyoning video next!
(so glad we survived! :)

25 thoughts on “a swiss alps bike ride for the bucket list”

  • Those mountains though! I grew up in New Zealand and we have some impressive mountains, but Switzerland’s are something else!
    I love reading your blog because you go to so many places I would never think to go to. I love living vicariously through you and adding places to my list of places to visit :)

    P.S. come to New Zealand!

  • I can see clearly why you feel in love with this place. Priceless really!! I would definitely try this route with an e-bike, sounds like it makes things so much easier. And that toblerone looks like the best reward!

  • I think the waterfall you posted pictures of is Staubbach Falls -not Trummelbach. I went to both of them earlier this summer and Trummelbach can’t really be seen from the outside (it’s mostly in caves and you can take an elevator up part of it). Both are incredible though! Looks like a fantastic day!

    • ahh yes you’re right! i wrote this offline on the train yesterday and was getting them mixed up because i’ve done both, so i’m glad you caught that for me! :) fixed!! love that you’ve done both! xoxo

  • This is an activity I would enjoy. You told us all about it, but pictures really tell the story. I cannot believe the stunning views and the tram ride. This is also my first introduction to e-bikes. Great concept.

  • Wow! this looks absolutely amazing, I am so envious….what am I doing here sitting at my desk????? I am planning a trip to Spain next year to visit a foreign exchange student we hosted at our house last year….if you’ve been, can you give me some ideas? will be mostly in Madrid but plan to go for 3 weeks so I can explore other areas…

    anyways, your pictures are awesome, love hearing of your adventures! thanks…..Sandy

    • yes! how cool is that to visit your exchange student??
      glad to see you found my madrid posts…we are also heading there later this month to stay for a few weeks – so i hope i’ll have more tips soon!!

  • Since you are going back someday be sure to do the via Ferrata from Murren. The most scary and amazing thing we did when we stayed there. Your pictures have my dying to go back! Beautiful!!!

  • Emi, you brought back so many fond memories of my 50th Birthday celebration from Swizterland!! loved, loved Lauterbrunnen and everything between, hiking Muren and down, Ice coffee up on schilthorn and those mountains!! Your pictures are beautiful!! Also I am enjoying reading all your adventures through Europe too, it’s like your a couple weeks behind our own travels to some of the same places, Norway, Italy and looking forward to reading about your trip to Slovenia. We made a quick trip there too and fell in love with Ljubianna and I hope you made it to Lake Bled and the castle too! I know that feeling too of not having everything planned out, our trip to Italy was not booked out as we adventured through, there are some great b&bs out there and inexpensive ones at that….safe travels and I look forward to reading more about your adventure travels through Europe…..

  • eBikes sound amazing! I went to Switzerland to visit family there a few years ago but we didn’t have a chance to get to Interlaken. It is def on my list for our next time over there visiting.

    • Hi! From Interlaken the ride was probably half a day, but with lunch stops // scenic stops and full enjoyment, I’d recommend a full day to do it! xo

  • Thank you for your lovely pictures and experience! I saw the Utes picture- are you living in Utah? I actually went to BYU a decade ago and now I live in Boston. I am going to Switzerland in a couple of weeks and am trying to figure out the best bike trails to use in the Interlaken area. From some reviews it looks like some can be pretty intense so I’m trying to avoid those, and I have friends who are a bit concerned about how rough the trails might be.

    I found this PDF of various trails, and I’m wondering if you think you took the purple trail that goes to winteregg and then there are switchbacks down to lauterbrunnen?

    From your pictures it looks completely paved, which makes me think it’s not this trail from Murren to Grutshalp, because it is pretty gravely from the looks of the trail pictures.

    Any suggestions would be super helpful! And please don’t lead me astray for being a Cougar ;)


    • hi! haha good eye, yes we are utes but live in the bay area! i’m excited for you to go here- it’s so amazing. i wish i had a better exact idea of those trails, but let me look with my husband later tonight and i bet we can figure it out! ♥

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