the best way to see LAKE COMO

the best way to see LAKE COMO

the famed, the posh, the fancy, the dreamy..
after having my dreams made up of this place forever,
we decided it was high time to see what it was all about.
i had just one concern: if we’re not millionaires, where
do we go in lake como? if we don’t own an italian villa,
where do we stay? how do we see all of the towns? ..etc.

IMG_2881we figured out most of these questions during our stay
here, and i have a few posts coming about a hotel we loved,
a lakeside town you have to visit, and other highlights.
today, we’re just getting introduced to lake como, talking
about how to get here easiest, and how to see the entire lake
while you’re at it. it’s what worked for us, so here you go!

IMG_2871first: buy into lake como. don’t let the thought of it stress you out..
then it defeats the purpose of escaping to this relaxing destination.
yes, it’s going to be a touch more expensive, and things might work
a little bit differently or be confusing here with all the towns and
options – but you will end up falling in love if you do it right.
IMG_2610first: there are different ways to get to como, but it wasn’t very
clear or obvious while researching it. if you don’t have a private
helicopter or driver taking you in like george clooney, then take
our advice and train from milan. depending on your destination
you can go to como or varenna, but we chose to go to como so that
we could get right on the lake and use the ferry to see most of it.

IMG_2605 the actual city of como isn’t a huge draw, but it is the shortest train ride
and from there you can get on the ferry for any destination on the lake.
we were staying in bellagio our first night so it was a ways up the lake,
but we decided to do it this way because we could kill two birds with
one stone : travel to our destination while also cruising the lake and
getting a taste of all the other charming lakeside towns in the hills.
IMG_2626beware you’ll have to make your way from the train station to the
lake (about a 10 minute walk or a quick cab/bus ride with bags) and
there you’ll likely meet a line where you can buy the ferry tickets.
the ferry ticket line is run the italian way, so the attendant may leave for a
quick coffee break and come back an hour later… hah but it’s all part of it!
Lake Como2^^ doesn’t he look thrilled to be waiting in the blazing heat? ;)
you can buy a hop-on/ hop-off day ticket here to cruise all around, or you
can buy one to your destination! they are reasonable … our destination was
the furthest zone so it was about 10 euro each person, but like i said – it
was like we were paying for transportation and a boat cruise all in one!
IMG_2707after patiently waiting on the dock in the hottest weather,
we finally boarded our ferry and set sail! we immediately stripped
down to swimsuits and enjoyed the heavenly breeze on the top deck.
Lake Como6^^ can you believe my luck, i spotted george clooney right away! ;)
IMG_2647the views from the ferry are hard to believe: charming town
after charming italian town! they dot the hills and line the lake
and every single one will call your name. one day i’ll visit them all!
IMG_2660i loved laying out on the top deck and watching each town come into view.
it is a tedious ride zig-zagging across the lake and stopping at countless
towns, but if you’re in it for that reason then you’ll enjoy every stop.

IMG_2658the combination of the lake, hillside villages, and
prealp mountains make for one deliciously beautiful view.

IMG_2666another good view! (especially in those little purple shorts..haha)
he bought this suit in his regular size without trying it on, but
learned the hard way that euro sizes are bit more snug.
at least it’s not a speedo!

IMG_2673each town really is a treat to take in as you dock for a short time.
IMG_2705also, the classy boats cruising the waters around you add to the scene!
don’t forget to wave at each boat as you pass…that is my favorite.
Lake Como1we were a little bit pale after spending a lot of the summer in
scandinavia / the nordics, but we were ready to get our sun on!
IMG_2854by the end of the ride, we were so happy to arrive to bellagio.
it was about an hour and a half from como to bellagio with all of
the stops, so it takes a while but we felt like we had a sense of the lake!

IMG_2855we took it very slow our first night arriving in bellagio, and ventured to
the opposite side away from town for some quiet in this picturesque scene ^^
IMG_2902^^ swimsuit is lime ricki ^^ and it matched the italian walls perfectly :)
IMG_2839IMG_2617 IMG_2856 IMG_2863chase fed some ducks with little italian kids of course ^^
Lake Como5and we savored our first taste of this special place.
Lake Como3
IMG_2895IMG_2906 IMG_2904IMG_2884♥♥
Lake Comoas you can see, there is a lot that had to happen between flying
over lake como on the way to milan, and arriving in bellagio.
long journey and all, it didn’t disappoint. we’ll be back tomorrow
with LOTS more pretty pictures from bellagio (swoon).



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