stepping back in time in sweden at SKANSEN

stepping back in time in sweden at SKANSEN

so much of scandinavia’s charm is in the traditions and customs that
are still alive and well today. through norway and sweden, we sensed
such pride and celebration of culture from the people, and we ate it right
up. that’s why after visiting the norwegian heritage museum in oslo, we
knew we had to do the equivalent step back in time in stockholm at skansen! We can’t wait to continue our travels across Sweden to Halmstad. If you are after an exquisite Lunch Halmstad is the place to find it!

IMG_1561 step one foot into skansen and you’re transformed straight back in time.

stepping back in time in sweden at skansen5 the open-air museum is big, with plenty to see and lots of areas to wander through.
be sure to keep eyes peeled for traditionally dressed volunteers in the street!

stepping back in time in sweden at skansen7 i used to volunteer with my mom + aunt + cousin at this is the place pioneer heritage park
in salt lake city, so i have a soft spot for these volunteers. i had so much fun with my
cousin jane dressing up in bonnets and skirts and aprons, sitting in the schoolhouse,
playing games on the dirt path, and cooking with my mom in dutch ovens while
visitors passed by. they were some of my favorite memories so i love these parks!


also keep your eyes peeled for small, colorful details of swedish life back in the day.

stepping back in time in sweden at skansen ^^ the classic blue swedish phone booth :: i daresay it has london’s beat in my book!

IMG_1640 we caught skansen on the prettiest day, which made me decide that this
place is a must-visit. it’s perfect for adults, kids, anyone! it felt like there were
a lot of local families there since they have a zoo and there are annual passes,
and with the different cafés and performances it’s a perfect outing in stockholm!

IMG_1610 this picture is so sweden to me. it describes how sweden feels! ^^

stepping back in time in sweden at skansen3 i clearly can’t get enough of the red barns. i was pointing to it and telling chase, “look at this
cute one! can you build one for us?” then a few steps later we’d see another and i’d do the same thing.

IMG_1589 ^^ even better ^^ a TINY one!!

IMG_1635 as long as we’re going traditional swedish, you bet we’re trying classic swedish meatballs!
complete with mashed potatoes and lingonberries on the side, this dish tasted so good
and if you’ve ever had it at ikea it’s not too far off (it is a swedish company, after all!)

stepping back in time in sweden at skansen12 is he making this face because he’s SO excited about his meal, or because he’s
tired of me taking photos every time he goes to eat? i’ll let you decide ;)

stepping back in time in sweden at skansen4 of course a good meal has to be followed up by sweets. we stopped by the old-fashioned
candy booth and also perused some of the best homemade jam (so delicious here).
even today sweden is still good at candy – they produce my favorite of all, DAIMS!

IMG_1606 stepping back in time in sweden at skansen2 all of these outdoor museums have had the prettiest rose gardens. what’s not to love about that?

IMG_1570 perfectly manicured trees ^^

stepping back in time in sweden at skansen10 also – what’s not to love about windmills everywhere? do i look like one? ;)

IMG_1574 skansen is set up on a hill on a separate island in stockholm,
so you can get some good views of the city from here ^^

IMG_1593 oops, yet another red barn house.

stepping back in time in sweden at skansen6 and one more phone booth for good measure. can i just
go back and live in this time period in sweden?

IMG_1630 IMG_1617 i convinced chase to walk up to the zoo part, and it was worth it to see
these little piglets nursing on the mama! cutest thing ever. ^^

IMG_1624 stepping back in time in sweden at skansen11 IMG_1641 stepping back in time in sweden at skansen9IMG_1555 after a very fun visit, we bid adieu to the past and stepped back out into present day.

IMG_1548 i’d say modern day sweden isn’t too bad either!


more from stockholm coming at you soon!!


5 thoughts on “stepping back in time in sweden at SKANSEN”

  • I had a friend who served their mission in Sweden and they loved it! And I love Swedish meatballs but sadly I don’t think I’ve ever had ‘legit’ ones. I guess I need to make a stop at IKEA and try them there?

  • Love your descriptions and pictures! Stockholm was our favorite city we visited this summer. Your pictures remind us of our trip and the memories we made together! Thanks for your talents and sharing them with us.

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