kayaking, segwaying, biking, boating, & walking through stockholm

kayaking, segwaying, biking, boating, & walking through stockholm

stockholm kayaking3 stockholm adventures is an aptly named company –– you
will definitely have an adventure with them! we were invited to a blogger /
vlogger day by the stockholm tourism board put on by stockholm adventures
the day we arrived to this city after some days spent on the sweden farm,
and we had no idea just the day we were in for! it brought almost every kind of
activity through the city, new friends, getting caught in the rain, laughs, exhaustion,
and a very memorable day. We travelled the city by kayak, segways and even with a free walking tour Stockholm too. There was so much to do, it was amazing. The weather was pretty good for us as well, I think that’s why we managed to fit so many activities into one day. We loved australian vlogger reuben and mitchell from expedia,
who were part of the day and kept us laughing. it was crazy how much we did! ready? here we go!

stockholm adventures9 ^^ segway selfie – i couldn’t keep a straight face while on this thing!
i have always laughed so hard at tour groups on segways in big cities, and here i was
on one of them! don’t worry, i was laughing hard at myself the entire time, but i was
also loving it and could quickly see how fun it is to zip around a city on one of these
babies! (especially fun on narrow cobblestone streets – ha!) one thing i don’t like
about big segway tours is how they can take up the street and cause a nuisance in
cities, but this tour is not on main roads…our guide was hilarious and took us on the
craziest route which kept things exciting and didn’t get in the way of other tourists.
One of our friends has a hoverboard which is very similar to riding a segway so she had given us lots of tips.
If you are looking for a hoverboard of your own, you can choose the best hoverboard from our rated reviews.

IMG_1390usually on tours like this the guide is very cautious and slow, but this company is
not that way – we could barely keep up with her, and she was going ahead either way!
haha i loved it, and it reminded me of my mom who also has been known to lead us
on crazy hikes/ bike rides/ runs without looking back :) chase was LOVING life since
he always asks if we can do segway tours and he is randomly so good on those things. the
vlog for this day shows the hilarity so much better than i can even explain, so you have to watch!stockholm adventures8 ^^ happy guy cruising around loving lifeIMG_1382 hahaha i spy chase leaning forward trying to keep up with our crazy guide! ^^IMG_1384 we visited the swedish royal palace, where we barely had time for a quick
photo snap before our guide was off again and we had to follow!
IMG_1391 we passed some of the most charming streets in stockholm,
and it was our very first intro to the city so it was all brand new ^^

stockholm adventuresIMG_1394 IMG_1398Stockholm Adventurefrom the segway adventure we made it back to the tour office,
jumped on BIKES, and went across the city to take kayaks out.
stockholm adventures4stockholm adventures3stockholm kayaking1this kayak tour went ALL over the city for hours!
you can paddle through the archipelago and thousands
of islands as well as through the city! our friends had been
here and kayaked too, so when it was part of this day we were
excited! pretty fun to be on a lake and then out on the baltic sea
in one kayak trip! there are some amazing longer kayak
camping trips here that i want to come back and do one day!
add to stockholm adventures^^ taking off the kayak gear… going on hour 5 of adventures and hadn’t eaten yet!
IMG_1406after a very quick lunch (at 3 pm, sandwiches eaten on the go while
bike riding across town…) we made it to the dock for a speed rib boat ride. I was slightly nervous at first but the captain assured me that he has spare electric motor components if anything were to go wrong!

Stockholm Adventure4by now the rainy clouds were turning serious, and as we waited on the dock
a downpour started. i was so tired by this point (we had caught a 5 AM train
in the morning from the countryside…) and it had been go-go-go all day. i was
not feeling good, freezing, and so tired. talk about bad attitude! this all changed
the second we got on the boat and our amazing guide started flooring it! haha!
Stockholm Adventure8^^ best swedish man. he reminded me of my grandpa kenny!
add to stockholm adventures1this ride takes you along stockholm’s coastline and out to the archipelago.
you pass the vaxholm fortress, djurgården, (the royal park), fjäderholmarna island,
the vasa museum, gröna lund, and the prince eugen waldemarsudde mansion.
there are no shortage of sights to take in, but look quickly because they will
blur by at the speed this guy goes! also, be prepared to hold on during the waves:
Rib Boati HOPE someone appreciates / laughs at these screenshots i grabbed
from the gopro footage. haha, completely real reactions as we FLEW
over huge waves from cruise ships and cruised all over! it woke us up!
Stockholm Adventure9^^^ L O L ^^^
Rib Boat 4no idea what is happening here — i guess he is
still recovering on the way back? ^^^ HAHAHA!
Rib Boat 5this crazy guy took us on one wild ride! i secretly want one
of these rib boats – they handle the waves and bumps so well!
IMG_1409best buds by the end ^^

if you are at all entertained by this crazy day you have to watch the ^^ vlog ^^ chase
made of it…it made me cry laughing! maybe you had to be there, but i hope this
brings you along on our crazy intro to stockholm and shows all that you can do here!
stockholm adventures5after all that we were so happy to find one of our all-time favorite restaurants,
vapiano!! (we loved it living in DC) it hit the spot after our exhausting, fun day.
stockholm adventures2we finally checked into trendy boutique motel L at 9 pm
after arriving at to stockholm 12 hours earlier…
IMG_1416and i’ve never slept better after a day like that!
stockholm kayaking2thank you to stockholm adventures & visit stockholm for sponsoring this post!
as always, opinions are our own and we hope this gives a good taste of some of
of the fun activities available to do in stockholm … (just probably not all in one day ;)

8 thoughts on “kayaking, segwaying, biking, boating, & walking through stockholm”

  • This vlog killed me. Love how you guys are always laughing in any situation! I don’t understand your energy levels- for this day or all the days you’re traveling back to back!

  • We loved Stockholm when we were there a few months ago! Loved seeing all the same stuff you guys saw! And LOVED vapianos!!

  • Ok- this one made me laugh out loud! LOL. This was MY kind of day. Packing it in. I felt like I got to be there right beside you on the seqway, bikes, kayaks and speed boat. What a great way to see a city and you made it so fun. Keep up the blog and vlog. It is great fun. So glad you finally got food…and good food at that.

  • Man, you guys had a crazy busy day! That’s my style of travel though – pack it in! I never would’ve thought of doing those activities, very cool to know they’re options!

  • Woww yes that is a lot to do in one day! I would probably need a whole day afterwards to sleep haha. And even though you say you had a bad attitude, you don’t show it at all! I’m doing so bad at keeping up with your posts and videos lately. You’re cranking them out faster than I can read ;)

    xo. Morgan / Morning Apple

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