baltic capitals: vilnius, lithuania

baltic capitals: vilnius, lithuania

after tallin and riga, our last baltic capital was vilnius.
this itinerary through estonia, latvia & lithuania is becoming
more and more popular as these places have grown among tourists,
and we were so happy with all of them. they are different from the
rest of europe however, so be prepared to be a bit outside your comfort
zone. i think we passed our 6 week travel mark here, so we hit a bit
of a wall with our bodies exhausted and mentally worn out from seeing
new cities each day. it was a funny place to hit a wall because things
are so unfamiliar here – not much comfort food to be found, not
many english speakers, and just a very different cultural feel — but
there is a lot of charm to be found around each corner so we picked
ourselves up, reminded ourselves how lucky we are to be living our
dream and seeing new places each day, and found the beauty of vilnius.
(after one long facetime session with my parents who made us feel better :)
IMG_2349there is lots of pink to be found in this city…that’s a pick me up right there!
IMG_2317you’ll find yourself looking UP here at the unique, detailed, (pink!) rooftops ^^
vilnius5^^ and, an entire wall of tea pots definitely cheered me up.
i love it! (i would have shown it all, but there was also lots of
grafitti that didn’t say the best things so i’m showing you the cute part ;)
IMG_2308IMG_2339^^ i swear, europe has the art of the flower box DOWN.

IMG_2341IMG_2280another good idea: go to lunch at shakespeare restaurant. the
setting, food, and views are what european dreams are made of.
i think our lunch here lasted about 3 hours, well into the afternoon.
we just couldn’t pull ourselves from the cool library and setting
and out into the heat, so we adopted the european long meal trend.

IMG_2264IMG_2282how amazing is this library / dining room? we were in
heaven taking in all of the books and eating such good food.

IMG_2272 IMG_2278 IMG_2279also, this balcony terrace had one of my favorite views ^^
vilnius3 IMG_2285we had MEAT, of course! we were in lithuania after all :)
the 3-course set menu rotates daily, and my guess is you can’t go wrong.

IMG_2291^^ a little chocolate soufflé never hurt anybody…
IMG_2270 IMG_2353 IMG_2305when we did peel ourselves off the chairs and outside,
we were greeted by the heat – but also the appeal of the city.

IMG_2310 IMG_2318 IMG_2324 IMG_2325these pastels! oh my! ^^
IMG_2335IMG_2332vilnius8IMG_2998the former vilnius ghetto neighborhood was interesting to see,
and you can almost feel the eerie history in this part of the city.
i feel like that with a lot of WWII sights, and this was no exception.

vilnius12vilnius11i made chase try some lithuanian cuisine for dinner, which was
good, simple, different, and SO CHEAP. look at those prices! ^^vilnius10i was told to try cepelinai while in lithuania, and i usually follow
any + every suggestion from locals (chase makes fun of me for it :)
so i got this interesting potato/ minced meat dish! i may not have it
again, but it was worth trying. nothing like experiencing a culture’s food.

IMG_3010the pink sunsets and sunrises here are some of the best. maybe
that’s why hot air ballooning is so popular (post on that coming!)
vilnius9after a lot of wandering we checked into our moon garden hotel,
recommended by none other than the ny times. it is a smaller
boutique hotel and good to stay if you want a more western feel
in this area. it’s also nice as it’s between the bus station and old
town, but in a more quiet area (you won’t be right in old town).
we stayed on a unusually hot night, so that was our only source of
uncomfortableness. otherwise we had a great stay at this stylish spot!
6849739_5_zIMG_2463can’t forget the most important part of a hotel :: the BREAKFAST.
they knock it out of the park here with a setup of endless options,
(this above is just toppings for oatmeal!!) and you also get to
order hot breakfast items off the menu (included). yum!
IMG_2356vilnius rounded out our time in the baltic capitals.
we ended our final day here on a hot air balloon ride, so
that is still on the way as well as some info on an inspiring
non-profit here that we partnered with in the baltics!



9 thoughts on “baltic capitals: vilnius, lithuania”

  • 6 weeks…wow! Random question, but do you guys ever get tired of “eating out?” Do you ever miss just making a meal for yourself at home, or do the new foods & restaurants make it easy to not miss any of that?

    • MORE THAN YOU KNOW! i tell chase every day how much i crave to be able to cook and have homemade meals! we like eating out but LOVE eating at home way more…so i am counting down until i can again!!

  • Looks so cool. Love your honesty about the hard parts of travel – and the good! Also love that you guys always try the local foods!

  • Love your honesty here! I imagine that kind of travel is amazing and exhausting! Really love the way you capture the colors of a city in all of your posts. Those pastels get me every time. And that tea pot wall- to die for.

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

  • I find these Baltic counties so interesting. I just don’t have reference for them and so int is fascinating to learn more. I loved the green library and 3 hour lunch idea. That sounded relaxing, cool and delicious.

  • Your moms comment made me smile :) I feel like all of these places seem made up … I want to go research them all and visit like right now :) they are all so pretty!

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