waking up in london town

waking up in london town

IMG_7466 returning to london with chase has been so much better than i thought.
i loved my time living here interning with parliament a few years ago,
but it was right when i was falling over the edge in love with chase and
we were long distance dating – so london lost some of its color for me
since i just wanted to be with him! coming back with him for his FIRST
time has reawakened my love for the city…and for him! i’ve been giddy
showing him all of my favorite spots and reliving memories (mostly
things like “oh this is the park bench i would sit on during my lunch
breaks and skype you when you woke up…” etc). remembering that
time in our relationship has made being in london even more special
and fun. we got here this week and we’ve done everything from
wimbledon to westminster, with plenty of touristy and local stops
mixed in since it’s his first time. i have a post coming of wimbledon and
one more of all the big tourist stops we did with the london pass, but
today we’re easing in with some favorite stops around the city::
IMG_7473notting hill. AKA, perfection.
we stayed in the cutest hostel right off hyde park on the
south kensington side. astor hostels are throughout london in
prime locations. perhaps next time we go, we will opt for boutique hotels south kensington, like 54 Queen’s Gate. chase was a little unsure about me booking us a hostel,
but when we got here he realized europe really does them right if you
pick the good ones. the astor hyde park is in the cutest neighborhood,
most charming building, and clean (although tiny) rooms. we did a
private room so we weren’t sharing with other people, but it was a bunk
bed! in big european cities i love a good hostel & this place is the best.
11031131_422020314637525_5734597320257765017_oTHIS is the hostel ^^^ how amazing is this street?
IMG_7414lots of fun people were staying here too.
hostels keep you young, that’s what i say! :)
IMG_7145^^ and, the view from the hostel’s front room. i enjoyed plenty of
this view when i was awake at 4 AM from jet lag the first morning :)IMG_7135i loved being steps away from hyde park. i lived further away from
it during my time here, so staying right by it was a luxury this time!
just touched down in london town1if you saw the number of colorful door pictures on my camera right
now you might laugh. i LOVE a good door and europe does them right.
it’s the entrance to your home, so why not give it some flair? // also,
you know you’re in london when there are strawberries & cream
doughnuts as pretty as these. {at borough market – always a fave stop}
just touched down in london town2IMG_7515IMG_7161chase loves riding underground systems so it was fun to take
him on the tube…all of the lines & stops came right back to me so he
was impressed that we didn’t have to stop for the map each time :)
IMG_7570IMG_1314google’s london office is top notch, (no surprise there!)
chase worked out of here a little bit last week before taking some
vacation time. one of his coworkers on his team lives here and
they had never met in person, only over video calls every day..
so it was great that they could finally officially meet!
IMG_1351the rooftop view from harrod’s ^^IMG_7475IMG_7125 ^^ those wide, beautiful london streets get me every time
IMG_7263 IMG_7413as do the gorgeous buildings (against the rare blue sky!)
just touched down in london town8we got in some shopping on regents street since we brought so
little with us! chase is already looking more european in that suit :)
/and he let me spend a good amount of time at my favorite primark!

IMG_7415 IMG_7463 IMG_7479 IMG_7522my treat of choice at portobello market ^^ a pina colada
smoothie in a pineapple. still very happy about it.
IMG_7546^^ back at pret a manger, my FAVORITE!
just touched down in london town7
IMG_7567 IMG_7582 IMG_7588 IMG_7590since we’ll be back and forth to london a bit with chase’s project
at work, we saved lots of the museums for later since the weather
was unusually nice and we had so much to see outdoors. i’ll be
excited to take him through each of them, but we did stop into
the gorgeous V&A (my second favorite after the sir. john soane!)
just touched down in london town6
just touched down in london town5a stop into my happy place, fortnum & mason…
where even the ice cream samples are classy ^^
just touched down in london town3the campaign for the BOM musical in london is “i love mormon,”
and it is plastered EVERYWHERE here. we laughed every time we
saw it on a billboard, bus, or sign. they love us here! ;) we also love
the hyde park church and visitor’s center here (my old ward!)
we walked in and chase’s photo was on a screen with his adopted
brother paris and his video the church made about him! small world.

just touched down in london town4darling restaurant steps + covent garden market wandering ^^
just touched down in london town9mr. rigby at rigby & peller store, and me wearing all of my
bags on the hostel steps (traveling in style ;)

IMG_7531^^ back at it with those doors! (and planters)
IMG_7488IMG_7255london town looks good on you, mr. rigby!


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