la vie en rose

la vie en rose

the city of light // la ville lumière:
there’s a reason paris is called by this name.
it’s also referred to as the city of love, but i prefer to call it the city of
light because it describes it so well. this nickname came not only from
its role during the age of enlightenment, but more literally because of
the way the light bounces off the white buildings and hits the city, and
how everything (bridges, monuments, eiffel tower) is lit up at night.
IMG_9432 see paris at sunset and you’ll understand what i mean. i truly think
there is nothing better than this time of day in paris.. so for this
post, i had to channel edith piaf’s la vie en rose since it was
actually inspired by the golden pink, 
dusky paris sunsets.

we went out one night after a hot day in paris and had one
of the best sunsets and evenings together. we had zero plans
in mind, just wanted to get dinner eventually and wander around.
this no plans thing ended up going well, because we did something i’ve
NEVER done here and it was kind of my favorite paris memory of all time..
IMG_9376hot day + sun-kissed husband + linen shirt + sunset at the seine = 10/10
IMG_9388IMG_9368IMG_9396IMG_9401IMG_9414i think these sunset shots are speaking for themselves, no?
IMG_9416here you can see a paris running group stopping at the louvre for some
push-ups before continuing their run. sign me up for that running group!

IMG_9427 IMG_9440if you saw this vlog of chase’s, you’ll know why we have lots of these photos at the
louvre..haha thank you self-timer! you’ll also know about my wardrobe malfunction.

IMG_9454IMG_9461this is real-life, people. hashtag no filter.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
serious about getting his sunset shots, haha ^^
IMG_9465the view from the louvre looking down to the arc d’triomph. (sighhhh)
IMG_9540we grabbed a quick pre-dinner nutella crepe, because i told chase there was
no limit on our crepe consumption while in paris..and he took it literally! ;)
IMG_9470we strolled through the tuileries (one of my favorite spots for
summer picnics) before getting lured toward this: 

IMG_9463we briefly thought about taking the ferris wheel
before another ride caught our eye …………..
paris, mon amour2and like little kids, we said YOLO and decided to do the SWINGS above paris!
ten kinds of giddiness ^^^
and a pretty great view each time the swings went around and faced the
eiffel out in the distance. so magical, & one of my favorite paris experiences.
paris, mon amour1i’ve never walked into this cute little amusement park before this, assuming it was
probably expensive and touristy. it actually wasn’t even too crowded, and only €10!
paris, mon amour5
montmartre7we finally got around to dinner at 10:00 PM.
we were having too much fun to stop and eat!

IMG_9488bonsoir, paris! thanks for a memorable week.
on to the next journey! in the meantime, you can click
through to more paris fun here, biking paris here, celebrating
bastille day, and a walking tour of montmartre here. à bientot!


9 thoughts on “la vie en rose”

  • Lovely photos, looks like you had really nice weather! I visited Paris in November, back then we could barely call it the ‘city of light’ as it had rained during our entire stay. Maybe next time we’ll get lucky. :)

  • Paris is magical at sunset. Impressed how you fixed your skirt malfunction. The Vlog is an added bonus. So wonderful to see you there.
    Love to you-

  • The lighting in all these pictures – you’re so right! Absolutely gorgeous! I’ll definitely factor in a free evening for wandering and sunset pictures on my next trip to Paris!

  • Haha your husband’s vlogs crack me up every time! They are great entertainment. Anyway what a lovely evening in Paris! I love that you guys rode the swings :) it’s good to stay young at heart like that.

  • Love your videos! What do you use for them? Also, what camera do you have? My boyfriend and i are going on a three month trip and would love to create some similar videos when we get back!!

    • thanks!! chase films most but we use our gopro hero, canon t4i HD, and some iPhone when we need it! also chase’s drone copter camera haha :) your trip sounds amazing – hope you make some vids because they are the best memories! xx

  • I just love your darling blog! The Mr. and I are planning our first trip to France & Italy in a few weeks, and your posts have been so helpful! Your vlog shows you setting your camera down and using the timer at the Louvre– which I would LOVE to do all over Paris but I’m super nervous about my nice DSLR getting stolen. Am I worrying too much? In your experience, is it a big risk to carry around an expensive camera, or do you have any tips on keeping it safe? Thanks so much!

    • Hi! You’re so nice, I’m excited for your fun trip ahead!!! No– definitely be super careful with leaving your camera anywhere, we just set down our tiny GoPro for some of those shots. You’re fine to have the DSLR, but keep it on you with the strap to avoid pickpockets! :) If you ask people to take your photo, try to ask other tourists with cameras so you know they won’t take off with it! Have fun!!!

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