bastille day in france!

bastille day in france!

even though it didn’t quite make sense with our itinerary,
we decided last minute to head down to paris in time for
bastille day! (it’s like their 4th of july, and i’ve been there
for it before so i couldn’t resist the chance to do it with chase!)
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although “hopping down to paris” sounds glamorous, we in fact
took an overnight bus from amsterdam which saved money and
made it so we arrived to paris the morning of the holiday! we took
iDBUS and it was all smooth, except for the not sleeping part ;)
bastille day!we hit the streets to start celebrating the french in style!
la fête nationale commemorates the famous “storming of the bastille,”
which was a prison holding many prominent revolutionists. little known
fact: the bastille was actually stormed because ammunition was stored
there, but the release of the prisoners made it an iconic mark of the french
revolution. since we missed our 4th of july in the USA this year, we
embraced the french celebration and had a great day in the city!
IMG_9182paris was burning hot, so we decided to put on swimsuits,
hop on city bikes, and 
head down to nap in a favorite park.
bastille day!1^^ first glimpse of the eiffel! it always makes me giddy.
IMG_9160gotta get that time lapse! :)
bastille day!9two more pictures here on the way back from our nap because
a) it’s the eiffel and b) this is my ALL-TIME favorite bridge in paris.

bastille day!2^^ back to get some french sweets, then freshen up and do my hair,
(AKA take my hair out
of a bun and pretend i meant to do these waves :)
bastille day!4^^ the look of a HAPPY girl to be back in paris!
bastille day!7so much patriotism in the air!
bastille day!6
along with the patriotism, there was some craziness in the streets..
it got a little scary with a mini riot and chase following them
until he realized it really was crazy! (more in his vlog)
bastille day!5we met with our friends & chase’s manager at google lili and her cute
family who were also in paris for the week! so fun to be with them.
bastille day!3 after dinner chase and i headed down to the seine
for the late-night firework show. we were a bit further
away this time, but it was still magical to watch fireworks burst
out of the eiffel tower for 40 minutes (yes, 40 straight minutes!)  

IMG_9127bastille day!8ROMANCE at it’s finest, watching fireworks out of the eiffel at midnight in paris ^^
IMG_9147we said goodnight and wandered back to bed (with a few crepes thrown in there..)
and got ready to enjoy paris for the rest of the week! coming soon!


12 thoughts on “bastille day in france!”

    • i know , i was so mad at him after but at the time everyone thought it was just for the parade or something! haha i hope he learned his lesson so that next time he doesn’t get caught in any pepper spray! eek!

  • One of my cousins made it to Paris for the Bastille Day celebrations last year and it looked unbelievable. I’ll try to plan my next Euro trip accordingly! Also, you can’t beat those crepes in Paris.

    • hahhahah TOUCHÉ girlfriend, you pay attention! this was so last minute it was our only choice but i think we re-swore them off around 3 AM on it! haha

  • Oh my goodness that riot was so scary! I can’t believe he followed them, haha! Wow. I have a question, and maybe this is a stupid question but do most people in Europe speak English? How are you able to communicate with everyone?

    • not dumb at all! in most places (and especially big cities like paris) people speak english, especially any type of service person like a cop, waiter, etc. older people may not, but there is always someone who can! there are certain more rural areas where people don’t, but in general you can always find someone or find a way to communicate with gestures. luckily chase speaks fluent spanish and i speak basic french, so that makes things even easier!

  • I’ve met your husband for like 30 seconds once but I was literally laughing out lout at that video! Seriously hilarious!!

  • These vlogs are the best! I’m sure you’re getting lots of “crazy americans” looks as you guys are walking around talking to the camera :) How fun to be in Paris for such a big celebration!

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