rainy day in denmark

rainy day in denmark

sometimes a rainstorm changes your plans, and you end up having
an even better day because of it. in denmark 
we had a car rental and big
plans to drive north to see frederiksborg castle which regularly looks like this,
but after driving all the way up there in the pouring rain we could barely
even see the outside of it in the downpour. we were disappointed for a second,
but then i remembered plans change for a reason and knew we’d have an even
more fun day doing something else. (plus, denmark is one country i fully
plan to return to, so i guess this is something to save for next time! :)

before we go further, note that all of chase’s denmark vlogs are embedded
at the bottom of this post if you want to scroll to some entertainment.

first, i should admit that this rainy day came at a good time.
we’ve just been starting to realize that we’re not on a trip,
but on an extended travel / backpack through europe. this
means i’ve needed to slow down and worry less about packing
everything in, and instead focus on maintaining our energy
and sanity. the first thing that helped with this was booking more
of an “apartment” in copenhagen, so we could feel more at home
for a few nights among lots of hotel & hostel stays. we stayed at the
adina apartment hotel and i couldn’t believe how nice it felt to
unwind in our a space that felt completely like our own. we got
more room, a kitchen, a washer and dryer, (!!!) and the chance
to feel like we actually lived in copenhagen for a few days. we still
had a cleaning service and amazing breakfast each morning, so it
was the perfect balance between a hotel and an airbnb. more hotels
should strike this balance of offering apartment spaces with the
amenities of a hotel! it helped us get ourselves together and regroup.
the rain helped with this too, as it forced us to slow down and relax.IMG_8213our own little living room! ^^
IMG_8215a kitchen ^^ (i love european kitchens – so compact)
IMG_8214adina is on the harbour right by the famous little mermaid
statue. it isn’t right in central copenhagen, but it’s right on
the train line only 5 minutes away, in a quiet local area.
no matter how long your stay, this is a great hotel here.
IMG_8220we convinced ourselves to leave the cozy apartment
and venture into the rain to head up to the castle. it was
amazing, but sadly this was the best view we got because it
was an absolute downpour. some of our best friends had just
been here so i was excited to see it and explore, but it just wasn’t
the day to do it. i was so cold and wet, and all i wanted was a
good meal somewhere dry and warm. we searched some restaurants
nearby and ended up at one of the best meals of our life and one of
my favorite memories having a long lunch in the pouring rain.
IMG_8258MASH is really popular in copenhagen (even the danish royal
family has eaten there!) but it is also expanding locations and
has one in london, more coming in europe, and one in rungsted
where we visited. they were so welcoming as we came in soaked
and hungry, and the service combined with the food was top notch.
IMG_8229the danish love their steak, and mash hits it out of the park with cuts
from all over the world. we had to try one american steak and one
traditional danish steak to compare. because the american cows are
corn-fed and fattened up, the meat is sweeter, fattier, and more what
we are used to. the danish cows are grass-fed and raised longer, so the
meat is tougher but also has a really unique taste that we enjoyed. i never
knew there could be so much variation but mash offers it all. you can even
see the different cuts of meat on display at the entrance before ordering.
IMG_8226our rainy harbour view during lunch ^^
IMG_8237beware, we had a feast here – so big that we didn’t
even eat dinner later. it was just too amazing!
rainy day in denmark2we got the extreme fortune of trying the rarest wagu beef
that the restaurant just secured and will begin serving. it is on
the same level as kobe beef and the chef came and sliced it right
at our table while explaining the delicacy we were about to try.
the texture and flavor are hard to even explain…it’s so rich
we couldn’t have more than these few bites! such a treat.
IMG_8261i told you we feasted!!
IMG_8276here is chase checking out the cuts of meat with our
new friend, the manager of mash who was the best! at
the end of our meal he sat with us and answered so many
questions about denmark, the culture, history, and the
royal family :) he’s the one who got me obsessed with them!
IMG_8265wait, let’s not forget about the rhubarb crisp that is making
my mouth water even now. we LOVE anything rhubarb and
noticed that it was offered everywhere here. he explained that
rhubarb grows all over denmark, so it’s implemented into a lot
of dishes. that explains it, and is just another reason to love this place!
IMG_8266rhubarb-topped cheesecake, of course
IMG_8267and we had to try the homemade ice creams.
the danes know what’s up with their dairy.
after what i’d call the lunch of a lifetime, we drove back into
copenhagen and visited the temple there. it’s a different one
from many, but was so cool to see! we spent some time there
and even ran into a huge busload of people from utah who were
ending their denmark trip and driving by the temple! small world :)
IMG_8288 IMG_8294it is my goal to visit every temple one day!!
rainy day in denmarkIMG_8295this one got a little shadowed .. but love having
a rainy pic at one of our favorite places!
we stopped into google copenhagen right downtown,
rainy day in denmark1 and then back to our cozy little apartment for some
steamed milk and relaxing before the next country.

we LOVED you, denmark!!

and now:

a little vlog about said rain storm and getting separated :)

ferry riding across the danish channel with a road trip:

and, one of our ancestor experiences tracking down chase’s great
great great grandpa and the church he was married in. amazing:

here’s to rainy days and memories!


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