when the lights go down in the city…

when the lights go down in the city…

and the sun shines on the bay… 
this classic song was feeling a little bit too real as we spent our LAST NIGHT in san francisco
sailing the bay at sunset. i had to talk chase into doing this, because he said it would be too sad!
it was bittersweet, but also so fun and a perfect kiss goodbye to our beautiful san francisco.
^^ we ♥ that bridge behind us and all of the memories associated with it (especially this one :)IMG_6990we sat out on the boat and made new friends, ate, chatted, and reminisced on our 3 years here.
IMG_7011the night was so beautiful, a mixture of fog with sun breaking through in time
for the sunset. it was classic, unpredictable sf weather that somehow fit the occasion.
those pelicans added a pretty nice touch too ^^
IMG_6978^^^ hello wind!
one of the best vantage points ever = passing underneath the gg ^^
IMG_7020IMG_7081IMG_7030IMG_7002IMG_7100the sunset sail had light appetizers and an open bar, so we took advantage
mixed our own drink of mango kearns and sprite (delish! :)
IMG_7053we made friends with this cutest couple who got ENGAGED on this boat ride!!
chase noticed what was happening and suddenly became a pro photographer- ha! he took
lots of photos of them and we were just so excited since we got engaged in the same spot!

bay cruise 3i love this boy and this city. glad i’m only saying goodbye to one of them ;)
IMG_7096and cotton candy clouds over the bay bridge on our way back ^^
after all that sailing we walked through the marina to finally try delarosa on chestnut.
IMG_6960yes we were late to the game on this one – it’s an SF hotspot but we’ve just never made it in!
it’s a staple in the marina with handmade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and share plates.

IMG_6962one of the best salads i’ve had in SF right here ^^ the truffle drizzle about did me in. 
delarosa-margheritaand, the margherita. it tastes as perfect as it looks. it’s something to return for again and again.
Delarosa-Inside-Henrik-Kam-500x344what i love about this restaurant (and beretta & starbelly, also owned by the same group) 
is that they are designed to be local staples, not tourist destination restaurants.
both have succeeded in that endeavor, and that’s exactly how they feel.

do not skip the pappardelle napoletana pasta. it’s the most popular dish for a reason.
IMG_6973IMG_7103we missed the trolley, so we finished the night with one last walk up our (steep)
leavenworth street. i may or may not have walked backwards up the hill to see
this view and distract myself from my burning thighs on the hill ;)

IMG_7080in case we haven’t said it enough, we really really love you, san francisco.
i have a lump in my throat about leaving tomorrow … BUT you have given us
the best three years and the greatest taste for life. thanks for a perfect final night!