trip to the tahoe keys!

trip to the tahoe keys!

IMG_6539we just spent the most memorable, bonding, fun days with
my siblings in lake tahoe… with my parents away on their
mission we decided to plan a week in tahoe and invite the
dunn family down to do what we do best – trips! by far the
best part of being together was our home rental right in the
tahoe keys. being in a big home all together makes a trip
so different than hotels do. it gives a chance to live together
and soak up all the time possible. we needed that this trip,
since all of us have changes coming up this summer and we
truly don’t know the next time we will all be together in the
next year or two! this area was the ideal place to meet up, stay,
cook, play games, and just enjoy time together. we did a lot
of fun things at the lake and in the area, but here are some
photos of our fun home rental through tahoe keys resort!
we were so ready for some mountain + lake time. good for the soul!
tahoe keys rentals1road tripping in from SF…such a pretty drive, especially when the
lake comes into view ^^ the salt lakers had a bit longer of a drive,
but it was all worth it once we met up at the house and reunited!
tahoe keys rentalsi loved the cabin-y, welcoming feel of our home the second we
arrived. in winter or summer, this is a perfect vacation home!

IMG_0330good morning lake tahoe! i’m a sucker for huge windows anywhere,
and especially in this house where they looked out right onto
the lake and keys. so beautiful to wake up to each morning. ^^
IMG_6276the back of the home, looking out on the water ^^
IMG_6520these two…can’t handle how darling they are. i soaked up every second of
slumber parties all week with my favorite little ones! love being their auntie.

tahoe keys rentals6lots of fun breakfasts in the kitchen with my little pancake-making helpers ^^
tahoe keys rentals7pretty runs in the mornings along nearby trails…
and that glassy reflection — seriously, tahoe? ^^
tahoe keys rentals4IMG_6277duck feeding on the dock was a favorite activity with uncle chase ^^

IMG_0404the rooftop hot tub was another favorite activity …
tahoe keys rentals2^^^ cutest hot tubbers!
tahoe keys rentals16the boys had fun jumping off the dock – and chase had to do his
yearly gainer (you can guess how i feel about that tradition…) ^^
boating lake tahoe IMG_6295
99% of the time you could find tagg on this spiral staircase…
IMG_6526oh hello!
IMG_5141and another great staircase shot of jeff + zachie!
Tahoe Keys Resortaerial view of the pretty tahoe keys from chase’s drone ^^
with all of the canals running through the neighborhood, i’d describe the
tahoe keys as balboa island meets jackson hole … AKA, heaven!

IMG_6303we all had the nicest bedrooms with lots of space.
this cabin sleeps up to 15 people, so it’s perfect for family or friends trips!
tahoe keys rentals11lots of napping happened…and these two nappers made their own little bed ^^
IMG_6323we also talked to papa & yaya (my parents) a lot to make it
feel like they were right there on the trip with us! ^^

IMG_6508cutest little sight to see all over the house ^^
tahoe keys rentals14we loved walking around the yard hunting for giant pine cones ^^
tahoe keys rentals5^^ i want to move into this cabin.

tahoe keys rentals1 copybabies + beignets = a great combo. we soaked up the time with brand
new baby lydia, and i made all our favorite treats at the house. ^^

tahoe keys rentals8we had gorgeous mornings and days, and then some pretty
thunderstorms rolled in on a few afternoons. we took the chance
to go back to the house, make brownies, nap, & play games! ^^
tahoe keys rentals13^^ people i love so much
IMG_6500our FAVORITE game. many hours of this were played ^^
you can get it here, and you should! :)
tahoe keys rentals15we had so much time together at the house that you wouldn’t get otherwise ^^
tahoe keys rentals10 Tahoe Keys Resort 3me and maddie hanging out on the back porch! ^^
IMG_6697thank you to tahoe keys resort for welcoming us! 
this is the way to do tahoe, and the way to do a family vacay.
Tahoe Keys Resort2

we’re already missing it! see our boating day here, and more to come.



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