kicking off summer in lake tahoe

kicking off summer in lake tahoe

IMG_6375every summer needs to start off with a trip to a lake.
this year we are kicking things off in gorgeous lake tahoe with my family!
with my parents gone on their mission, this is the first summer without
them to do trips with – so we took it into our own hands and met down
here for some time together! here are some fun pictures from a day on
the lake to start our week off…lots more pictures to come! nothing better
than being out on a boat with people you love…just missing our mom
& dad since they raised us on boating! they always encouraged us to
get our own boat, rather than renting. my brother listened to them and
got his own boat with an outboard motor which is great fun! he’s
only just gotten it so he has been looking on
to find out more about how to use it properly! maybe next year,
we won’t need to rent a boat and he’ll take us out on his!
here are some fun pictures::
boating lake tahoe1IMG_6346we rented a boat from tahoe sports at their ski run marina location
and it was made so easy and quick with their boat dock and them
setting us all up! the afternoon was forecast for rain, but we lucked
out and caught a window with a few hours of sun while we went out.
IMG_6425nothing better than being auntie & uncle — especially with

chase wearing maddie’s frozen sunglasses haha ^^
IMG_0368as we took off out of the marina i heard tagg whisper

“ride like the wind, bullseye!” haha too cute
IMG_6398^^ hold onto your hats!

IMG_6386 tagg chase^^ best picture ever, or what??
boating lake tahoe6lydia’s first boat ride, stuffed into a little life jacket ^^
boating lake tahoe3chase flew the quad copter and got some of the best footage
that you can get a taste of here…it was so scary to have him flying
it over the lake as we boated, but it always captures the best views!
boating lake tahoe3boating lake tahoe5IMG_6408dunn in-laws chatting…haha i think the topic was bachelorette :)
boating lake tahoe7IMG_6412^^ i’ll ride in the boat bow with these two any day!
DSC_0361IMG_6429the sun was out for a few hours while we enjoyed the lake, but on the way
back we could feel that the rain was on the way…we made it back to the marina
right as the first drop fell! my new fave coat was perfect for staying warm on the lake.
IMG_6421keeping maddie mae warm! she was one happy boater ^^
IMG_6436the cutest newborn i ever did see after her first boat ride! ^^
IMG_6347tahoe sports rentals made this so easy by being right on the water,
driving us out and back from the marina, and being so accessible!
this is definitely the place to rent in south lake tahoe.

boating lake tahoe2after lots of boating, we were SO hungry and we so luckily we went
to the best little lunch spot in tahoe – the getaway cafe! when in tahoe,
you have to come here. we picked it up to take back to the house and
we all agreed it was some of the BEST food. it’s alpine comfort food done
so right, and it’s in the coziest little cabin-like setting. you can tell that lots
of locals love it and visitors too! don’t miss their club sandwich, garden
veggie sandwich, any of the salads, and homemade mushroom soup!
we also hear the breakfast is AMAZING so we’ll be back for that.

IMG_6454a day of boating followed by this kind of food = pretty close
to heaven if you ask me! lots more coming from tahoe. happy june!


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