hiking tahoe: fallen leaf lake

hiking tahoe: fallen leaf lake

IMG_0532we discovered a gem of a lake on a little hike while in lake tahoe with
family last week. we were staying in south lake tahoe, so we wanted
a mild hike since we had the little ones with us. we just looked at the
map, saw fallen leaf lake was nearby, and hopped in the car to go hike!
hiking tahoe1even the windy drive into the trailhead was pretty.
IMG_6545IMG_6553it felt so refreshing to be out of the city and in the tall trees…as much as i
love the beach, this utah girl would choose mountains + a lake any day.hiking tahoe4^^ cute little hikers leading the way with their walking sticks
IMG_6585the trail is nice, and then you come upon a view of the lake which was
breathtaking. we had no expectations so we were amazed at the beauty!
^^ hello, perfection.
IMG_6692IMG_2861hiking tahoewe decided we’d stop and stay a while…and we did!
hiking tahoe6^^ these might be the 2 best pictures i took on the trip ;)

IMG_6642brave boys in the cold water! it actually felt amazing once you were in.
IMG_6614we skipped lots of rocks ^^

IMG_6629^^ chase taught brady how to fly the drone,
IMG_6662and we played all day by the lake!
IMG_6649 IMG_6687^^ my brother jeff swam out to a rock in the middle of the lake and
we all thought he was walking on water! best optical illusion :)
hiking tahoe2 after a long day in the sun we were starving. i love south lake tahoe
for all the good food they have right around! we picked up some
sierra pizza and inhaled it at the house. this place is unique because
it’s completely organic – not something you usually get with pizza.
the flavor combos were really different but they work and are so fun.
my favorite was the hawaiian cowboy which is bbq chicken meets
hawaiian pizza (pineapple, bacon, canadian bacon, onions). i would
have never thought of this combination but i loved it. we also tried
the matterhorn, hangover, and fiesta pizza. from thai pizzas to
indian curry pizzas they have it all and it’s all organic. really fun spot!

IMG_6719hiking tahoe3IMG_0454cheers to hikes, family, lakes, skipping rocks, sunshine, and PIZZA!



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