travel tips: save time with CLEAR (WTW readers get free trial!)

travel tips: save time with CLEAR (WTW readers get free trial!)

you’re heading to the airport and the main thing on your mind is the length of the security line. will it be ten minutes or forty minutes? security is the necessary yet unknown part of flying, and you won’t be relaxed until you’re through the line and at the gate. sound familiar? relax…there’s a solution for this: how does guaranteed five minutes through security sound? i’m in!

CLEAR is aptly named, being a unique service that gives clearance ahead
of time so that you can enjoy travel more and maximize your time.

with CLEAR, time to allot for security is now predictable. you have assistance
through the line, and you have one less thing to worry about. it feels almost
too good to be true, but it completely changes travel for the better.

breeze through security no matter where you’re going or which airline you’re flying.
you can use this service on any airline and any ticket status. do you want to have access to
this lane and never have to take off your shoes or belt again in the airport? click HERE to learn
more about CLEAR and start a free trial with my code to start speeding through airport security lines!

where-is-clear as of now, you can access exclusive CLEARlanes in san francisco, san jose, las vegas, houston,
orlando, denver, dallas-fort worth, san antonio, baltimore, miami and westchester with more
coming soon! the steps to becoming a member are found here. it’s a membership-based service
which costs $179 annually — about $15 monthly. you can add a spouse for $50 and kids
under 18 are free if they are traveling with a CLEAR member – no extra membership required.

i just signed up and i’m excited to try it out next week on my way to trinidad & tobago…
so what are you waiting for? use my code CLEAR2M23 to sign up for a free first
2 months with me and i’ll see you in the CLEARlane!

*thank you to CLEAR for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to finally try their service!


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