flower arranging class!

flower arranging class!

Birthday Invite

this year for my birthday, i decided to do something fun with girlfriends
in SF. now that we’ve lived out here for a few years, i wanted an excuse
to gather some favorite friends in the city for a night! (i didn’t know about
the little surprise trip chase had planned for the weekend before), but i
thought this would be a fun way to ring in my 25th year with darling friends
learning a new skill at a floral design class! we got back just in time from laguna
and it was the best night ever. all i can say is…..get ready for lots of pictures
of flowers and fun below – i promise you will want to take this class yourself!
flower class!3
as you arrive to workshop SF on the corner of baker and mcallister street, you’ll hear
music and see twinkly lights coming out of the windows. it’s the happiest place and perfect
for creating and learning! i had heard about the classes offered here, but the one that caught my
eye was floral design. who doesn’t want to learn all about pretty flowers & how to arrange
them? so, we booked a private class with darling lorena of home sweet flowers!
flower class!4^^ she is my new favorite person, and she will be yours too if you are lucky enough to
experience one of her classes. the second you meet lorena you feel like you’re best friends.
she is outgoing and bubbly and the perfect teacher for the class. her love of flowers and
knowledge about them is contagious and makes the class so much fun … & you learn a lot!

^^ we started with flower spray crowns and we each got a flowery name.
it was the best part of the class to go around at the start and pick our names.
flower class!1
 i picked daisy because of you’ve got mail…friendliest flower, you know :)
our names ranged from tulip to bluebell to magnolia to snapdragon & more.
flower class!12in this class we used gorgeous locally grown flowers to create unique bouquets of our own.
the steps she took us through included learning tricks of the trade, cleaning and cutting
the flowers, learning about each bloom, and hearing her floral design techniques.
she is so amazing with flowers and has perfect taste! we made our own wrapped bouquets and
loved learning about every flower that went into them…we even put kale in them! this class is not
only fun, it teaches a skill you can use again and again & your creativity blossoms! (see what i did there? ;)

flower class!20it was so fun to be crammed into this creative cute space with friends i adore! ^^
flower class!9flower class!14^^ the most beautiful mess i can imagine

flower class!we could not stop taking pictures with the pretty bouquets. who can blame us?
flower class!16flower class!19flower class!1 copylove these girls ^^ and love that that is a form of KALE on the right!
flower class!22  sorry if you thought i was exaggerating the amount of pictures we took… :)   flower class!8lucky to have the cutest friends in SF who will celebrate and play with flowers with me!
flower class!18  we had some yummy flower cookies thanks to mccaye — the best baker in town,
and some sugar bowl brownies … but we were so in love with the flowers we
barely even remembered the sweets! that’s when you know it’s a good class :)
flower class!10 they were cute wrapped up, and also cute in a vase when we got home late!
(i think this means that chase is now off the hook for getting me birthday flowers…)
flower class!6

thanks to lorena and home sweet flowers for the perfect celebration!
the best part of this company is that not only can you take her fun classes, you can also
order arrangements, book them for events, and pick up their bouquets in little markets all
around the city. nothing is better than the class though… it’s a 
taste of the passion, beauty, and
talent that makes san francisco so great. it was the best celebration so thank you HSF and friends!!

i think every single one of us will be back to one of  lorena’s many classes,
and others at workshop! hope to see you there next time!



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