breakfast, lunch & dinner at darwin cafe

breakfast, lunch & dinner at darwin cafe

IMG_4926wander onto a quaint alley in the SoMa district to discover a sun-splashed
little cafe with butcher paper rolls and hand-written menus that change
based on season. in other words, darwin cafe is one of my new favorite hidden
gem spots in the city. i clearly don’t go to SoMa enough, because i hadn’t been
to this place yet! chase and i met here on friday afternoon after work to wind
down after the week. we got there just between their menu change, so we
opted to sample breakfast, lunch & dinner samples. it was a fun idea
for a date night to have a taste of all three meals in one place!
IMG_4946 darwin sfi am a sucker for big sunny windows and butcher paper menus.
i’m also a sucker for farm-to-table dining and changing menus
that adjust based on what’s in season. darwin cafe is a perfect
example of the northern california cuisine that i am such a fan of. IMG_4915 IMG_4923 we started off with the housemade muesli with locally produced
yogurt, seasonal fruit and honey. we are major muesli lovers and
we ate this up so fast. along with that, we got the special toasted
challah bread with cinnamon sugar and fresh butter
IMG_4925  … the bread itself is from a nearby bakery and has cinnamon
swirled through, so with the topping it’s simple and delicious.
IMG_4933for the “lunch” part of our meal we opted for the famous kale salad
that everyone raves about here. it’s on the pricier side at $11, but for a
salad it’s a generous serving size and really filling. like all of the food
here it’s simple, yet the brilliant combination of quality ingredients
makes the dish so memorable. if you come to darwin, plan to try this salad
full of kale raddichio, lemon, garlic, parmesan, prosciutto, & balsamic.
despite a changing menu, it is the staple that is always offered!
IMG_4928there will always be a roast beef sandwich on the menu, but the
dressing will always be different. it’s quality meat and plated so well. IMG_4939 by the time we got to “dinner” we were pretty much full, but we
ordered the charcuterie with accoutrement and cheese plate with
seasonal fruits. everything here was done flawlessly down to the
quality of honey drizzled on top. the bread, cheese, olive oil, meat, and
fruits came together as a winning combination that we somehow managed
to eat even though we had already done breakfast and lunch samplers :)

Desktopwe will be back to this SoMa eatery often and recommend you do the same…
and now you know it’s good for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner!

you can find darwin cafe at:
212 ritch street, san francisco CA


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