visiting friends in HOUSTON

visiting friends in HOUSTON
the end of our trip to texas found us in
houston visiting some of our best friends!
my cousin jane lives here with her husband
brady in med school, and some of our best
college friends jake & rach live here also in
med school! we love all four of them & we’ve
been so excited to visit them while they are
living here. we’re so glad we finally made it!!
while planning a long weekend to visit them,
we decided to combine austin and san antonio
in too since we’ve always wanted to see
both. typical us, packing it in! this was the
highlight and reason for our trip though!
brady –> jane –> baby molly –> us –> rachel –> jake
so fun to be back with this crew!
my cute cousin picked us up at the airport where we
dropped our rental car. we went straight to see their 
darling apartment! it is so fun to visit friends and
family and see their life somewhere else. i LOVE to
see where they live, their neighborhoods, and just how
things are there! now i can picture their life so much better.
i think it’s the best to see life through a local’s eyes.
SO fun to see baby molly of course!
here we are doting on her, little cutie. ^^
we are so glad we made it to houston while the
heaps are still living here, since brady graduates 
this summer and they will be moving in a few months.
jake is in his second year of med school so it was fun to
get a tour and hear all about a day in the life of a med
 student. we are so proud of these guys! they are doing 
such amazing things and it makes us appreciate all their 
hard work compared to our cushy jobs in california!
they are literally studying to save lives…pretty cool.
^^ chase was clearly the fun guy in town, always playing
with baby molly and with jake + rach’s dog riggins!
we loved him so much and could not stop cuddling him.
i can’t handle how riggins would just lay on us!
now we are even more puppy hungry than ever.
^^ up until 2 AM with jake and rach chatting…
what kind of house guests keep you up that late?
(sorry guys! but we loved it!)
when in texas … you eat blue bell ice cream! 

we had a lot of good food together, and looks like these
three had plenty to talk about while the girls chatted.

see some of our houston food reviews here.

so much love for these two ^^

we ate at their favorite tex-mex spot, lupe tortilla.
it just looked like a chain place until we went inside
and had the best fajitas of our life… so so fresh and good.

i will be dreaming of this meal for month. we tried to
get fajitas here this weekend and they paled in 
comparison to the fluffiest tortillas, perfectly grilled 
onions, and flavorful meat. food is just so good in texas.

we asked a random guy to take our picture in the
parking lot and got more than we bargained for–he
took like 50 pictures and we were dying laughing!

ha, so entertained ^^

we drove through some of the prettiest 
homes in houston — wow, i was in love!

we wished our visit was longer, we had the best time
and just realized how much we miss these friends!

jake & rach took us to the airport as we were off
to new orleans for mardi gras…whew! whirlwind!

goodbye houston, and hello new orleans!
{chase looks thrilled to be on another plane…haha}

see you from NOLA!