valentines brunch 2015

valentines brunch 2015
the last few valentines days have found us
in new cities. from paris to rome to porto
to now austin this year, all i ever ask for on
my favorite holiday is to spend it somewhere
new with my love. wish granted! we loved 
being in such an unexpected city this year.
after lots of food trucks, tex-mex and bbq,
we were excited to do valentines brunch at
TRIO, the restaurant at four seasons – austin.


it is right on the river and beautiful.
the food keeps up with the atmosphere,
offering local fare kicked up a few notches.

seeing as we were in the heart of texas surrounded by so
much great tex-mex, i opted for the enchiladas de migas
off the local menu. let me tell you, i ordered well! TRIO’s
chef makes these to perfection…just look at this dish!
i was so excited to try them as i took this photo, and
they measured up! every ingredient tasted incredibly
fresh and the combination of flavors was perfected.
chase went for a sweeter dish, the ricotta-stuffed 
challah french toast. i love this about my valentine — 
he will always order the perfect dish to balance my
meal so we can try both savory and sweet meals!
( does he do this on his own, or did i train him to? :)
this was the ideal, relaxed environment for a lovely
brunch together before continuing our travels
through texas and onto new orleans for the long 
weekend. our deal for valentines is to have the
gift be an experience or date together like this trip 
was, but he still slipped a surprise in his love note
more from the weekend to come!
hope you had the best valentines day!
we were welcomed as guests to the four seasons — austin, 
but all opinions are our own…and we will be back here!

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